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McCain UK Inter Counties [heading] UK Challenge 2012 - part 3

GOOD PERFORMANCES IN THE YOUNGER AGE GROUPS in the Inter-Counties and the McCain Challenge event, at Crofton Park on the 10th of March
   Pride of place would have to go to eighteen year old,  Emelia Gorecka, running for Surrey, who won her sixth Inter-Counties title. She was following up six National wins! Zac Seddon of Berkshire won the Under 20' Men's race which was a surprise but of course he shows great potential. There was a Scottish victory in Under 15's race when Euan Gilham of Scotland West won but, the closest race of the day was in the Under 13's. Although Canaan Solomon always won his races in the season with tactical awareness, he was beaten by Markhim Lonsdale of North East. The Essex schoolboy, Solomon, was timed in on the same figure  of 21.19 for the 3000m race.
Sabrian Sinha of Kent, looked relaxed as she won the Under 15 girls race. The rest take up the story at Crofton Park when I interviewed them:-
   Under 17 women:- 1 Jessica Judd (Essex) 18:20; 2 Alex Clay (Kent) 18:35; 3 Rebecca Murray (Bedfordshire) 18:46
1st team Surrey 57.


Things did not go well for her in the Southern, when she was only third, after her tremendous record before that but had been studying hard at school.    " I got my 'A' level results and a Grade 'A' in biology so I was happy about that. I spent a lot of time on that and my racing suffered. I found out I was low in iron and vitamin D after a blood test but now in good form.'
' I had never thought it could go wrong like it did in the Southern but my coach Jerry Freeman had a lot of confidence in me through out the whole campaign.'
   Being beaten is not always a bad thing as she points out
                  " I had not felt I was enjoying the running and I felt sluggish but then I realised the reasons for doing it was that I really did love my running and, it was a a kick up the bum to be beaton and made me realise it is not all about winning but enjoying it.Many people are so supportive. My Father and my coach too.'
   ' I was training for the track and so I was happy with the way it went and that I had to work hard for it. Jeremy knows that when we work on the tack I have got a lot of speed."  In the Under 13's her sister Jodie Judd was third and said "I have been in the top 50 but never up amongst the front runners. My sister tells me what to do but when she gets into races I get so nervous for her I even cry for her rather than for me."


Alex was pleased with her second following on from second in the National and third in the Southern
   " I was really pleased and could not have done anymore to-day and Jess had that extra. When I am running with Jess she is still one of my biggest idols. To get over that thing at first and just to be running next to her and to actually try and race her'  
  ' It is my first season back. I lost my confidence and then went over to doing the pentathlon then, got into cross-country this year, just to keep fit for pentathlon. Then, it started to go well over the country and I put the pentathlon aside for a bit to do the cross country'"


" I was really pleased as it was my first 'Big' medal. I got a bronze in the Southern a few years ago but never something like this before."

 Under 17 Men:- 1 Jonathan Davies (Berkshire) 18:29; 2 Scott Halstead (Berkshire) 18:45; 3 Michael Gallegari (Hertfordshire) 18:56. 1st teamed Kent 71points.

The same first three runners in the Southern at Brighton as they were at Crofton Park

Jonathan Davies "My trouble in the National when I was not placed was, I went off too fast. I have had the last two weeks training well'
' In the race I went into the lead in the downhill bit on the second lap. It was one of my best wins definitely, to win a Championship race like this is good"


" I did not do the Nationals' because I had a bit of a cold.  On the second lap I saw Jonathan and Michael pulling apart a bit so, I tried to get Michael and went on from their."

  Under 15 Girls:- 1 Bobby Clay (Kent) 14:59; 2 Annabel Mason (Yorkshire) 15:25; 3 Lucy Holt (Staffordshire)15:34. Team 1 Essex 71


Comparing this win with her first place in the Southern and National:- " I went into the lead in the Inter-Counties at half way through the first lap. I think I ran better on this course than the Southern and in the National it got a bit tight and I was more aware of what was going on today.'
   ' Training with her sister Alex Clay " We are in the same club. She changed coaches at the beginning of the season. We do go out running together."  

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