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Women's National 6 Stage Road Relay (April 2012)

Aldershot & Farnham & District AC continued their successful relay dominance in the UK, at Sutton Park, Birmingham on the 14th of April.
It was on the second leg Charlotte Purdue ran the fastest time of the day, dashing up the long hill after the start. By the  time she got to the top she had moved her team Aldershot from 3 to 1 for a winning lead. That was something Aldershot maintained to the finish in the sunshine, that sometimes broke through to make things a little warmer for the athletes in the park..
   The Aldershot 'A' team were Montana Jones 16:37; Charlotte Purdue 15:29; Emily Wicks, back running well again 16:41; Emelia Gorecka 16:02; Stephanie Twell 15:35; Emma Pallant 16:06.Total Time:- 1:36:30; 2 Swansea 1:41:27; 3 Leeds City 1:42:42; 4 Bristol & West 1:43:15; 5 Aldershot & Farnham 'B' 1:45:15; 6 Birchfield Harriers 1:46:28.( 51 Teams started)
Some of the winning team at Sutton Coldfield--

MONTANA JONES on Leg One (3rd)

" I really enjoyed the relay. I was hoping to come in the top 5'
 She continued:- ' When I was 14 I was a swimmer at club and National level then I did the modern pentathlon before I concentrated on running. I swam then I did a couple of sessions down at Woking'
' I have been training with Mick Woods for coming up to 2 years now. I did not have much confidence before but he gives you confidence in yourself. He develops it."


" I said to my Dad, last time I was here nothing had happened now, I am back here and I have got all those titles!'
' Every year I try and get better. The year before was good as I was 3rd in the Europeans and 15th in the World's I was happy and I thought ' How can I make the season better? To win the Europeans and that would make it better and I did'
'I do like to concentrate on my studies quite a lot. I am aiming for quite high 'A' levels so I can go to Royal Holloway and make sure it fits in with my running as well.'
' I think if you have got the ability to work hard at running you have the same ability to work hard at anything else.'
Emelia  Wins The 'National' " I love Parliament Hill. My favourite course. I think it brings out the best in you.'
The Inter-Counties at Crofton Park, Birmingham: " I was over the moon with that one. I ran it differently and I was  really happy the way the race went as well"


At Easter time she won a cross-country and half marathon in Guernsey and that was one of the things that made me say she would make a very good  5000m runner " I have run 14:54 already. I have not specified the event as, I do a lot of cross-country. I would like to move up to 5000 for the long term for sure. I enjoy running. Although I have not got natural speed I have got a bit of power so, I am still trying to run as fast as possible over 1500. I want to exhaust that event by competing on the world circuit.'
To run 1500 first of all seems a good thing for the future 5000's
"Covering all bases"
I remember Dave Moorcroft being a good 1500m runner. He ran in the Olympic Final in Montreal and won the Commonwealth over 1500 then, later changed very successfully to the 5000?
" Absolutely--I am following that sort of philosophy. My coach comes from a speed endurance background..The speed comes off the back of it. "
 About the six stage at Sutton Park " I love this National road relay event and it is probably the last one before the trials really. The great runners, like Moorcroft, have run here so that is why it is such a fantastic event"

Alastair Aitken

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