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TYSON GAY in London (July 2012)

Tyson Gay (Born August 9, 1982 and currently lives in Florida)
   In the Summer months of 2012 he defeated 'World Class Sprinters'  in his build up to Olympic Games in London and, following his previous injury problems around the Olympic time of 2008.
   In the American Olympic Trials in Eugene on the 25th of June, Justin Gatlin, the 2004 Olympic Champion won the Final in 9.80 from Tyson Gay 9.86 and Ryan Bailey 9.93.
   On the 6th of July at the Diamond League in Paris, Tyson Gay won in 9.99 from Gatlin 10.03 and Christophe Lemaitre, the double European Champion of France who ran 10.08 for third.
   In London on the 12th of July at Crystal Place the weather was inclement so the track was not perfect but Tyson Gay came through to win the 100m Final in a time of 10.03 from fellow American Ryan Bailey (10.09) and two good Jamaicans Nester Carter (10.13) and Michael Frater (10.15). After that Tyson told me in the hotel about that race " It was a good race to win but not that great'"
  Up to that date his best times were 9.68 (100); 19.58 (200) and 44.89 (400). He has run the fastest time ever on a 'Straightaway' of 19.41 for 200. He has been coached by Lance Bauman and Jon Drummond. Tyson Gay was educated at High School Lafeyette, Lexington, Kentucky; Barton County Community college and the University of Kansas. He comes from an athletic family and added about the beginnings of his athletic life
 " When I started was in 1997. I started running track competitively in my middle school. It felt pretty good. I enjoyed it.' He then added:-
   ' I  watched my sister Tiffany run before I ran at school. It was at Lafeyette that a couple of older sprinters I admired and my sister as well"
 He also pointed out" Maurice Greene inspired me some. He was a very disciplined runner and I looked up to him."
(Maurice Greene was USA--Olympic 100m Champion in 2000 and a former World record holder for the event).
   Looking back at his career he was, at one stage a World Championship 200m runner who had defeated Wallace Spearmon, Usain Bolt, La Shawn Merritt and Xavier Carter in competitions yet, he changed from doing the 100 and 200 to just concentrating on the 100!
   " I used to prefer the 200 but found I wanted to be able to focus on one event and not worry about two different events."
   However, what did he consider his greatest 200m victory in his life?
    " Osaka 2007 was  a pretty excellent race."
It certainly was a good World Championships for Tyson Gay who won that event in 19.76 from Usain Bolt 19.91 and Wallace Spearmon 20.05 (Spearmon made the American team for the London Olympics) At those 2007 Championships Gay also won the 100m in 9.85 from Derrick Atkins (Bahamas) 9.91 and Asafa Powell (Jamaica ) 9.96 as well as being on the two USA winning relay teams, 4x110 and 4x400.
 He pointed out about his tight competitions in the season now

      " A lot of tough competitors. Something I go through every week and a close race with somebody else!"

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