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At Alexandra Palace Park on the 3rd of January, MOHAMUD AADAN had a convincing victory in persistent rain.
Dan Dalmedo of Hillingdon, a previous Middlesex senior Champion was ahead of a large bunch to begin with but on the first lap, as they approached the hill section, Aadan went ahead.
At half way Aadan was already 30m clear of Richard Phillips (Serpentine RC), who at 39, went on to have easily his highest position in the race, as he came 10th last year. Behind that came Paul Marteletti, suffering a bit in the soggy conditions but a clear third. That was his first cross-country of the season. He was just in front of James Laing (Hillingdon), who was leading a bunch from Highgate consisting of Rob Wilson, Sean Renfer, John Laybourn and Fergal Smithwick. Except for Rob Thompson, for the winning Hillingdon team, splitting up that group the order was the same to the finish.
A mud soaked, Aadan remarked "It was fun but dangerous!" and added 'I have just come back from a couple of weeks in Kenya (Iten) and will compete indoors at Sheffield over 3k on the 11th of January, then the final Met League at Wormwood Scrubs, The National and the Inter-Counties.'
157 completed the tough course in the mud.
The First three times were 1 Mohamud Aadan (TVH) 38:47, 2 Richard Phillips (Serpentine RC 39:29; 3 Paul Marteletti (Run Fast/VPH) 40:11. The First three teams:- 1 Hillingdon AC 82 (4 James Laing, 8 Robert Thompson; 11 Daniel Dalmedo; 14 Daniel Thompson, 18 Martin Bateman ; 27 Edward Campbell) 2nd Highgate Harriers 87; 3 Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets 167.

In the Women's race, almost straight away, Kate Brown went to the front and never looked like being headed. Brown, who has just spent a couple of years at the University of Alabama and was at Loughborough University before that, when she last won the Middlesex in 2012.
After Kate Brown, two Highgate runners Ashley Scott, running her best race for a long time, ran most of the way with Hattie Brock, who had not been entered in the Under 20 race and, running 2k further than she has ever done before.
Times of First 4:- 1 Kate Brown (St Mary’s) 30:47; 2 Ashley Scott (Highgate Harriers) 31:10; 3 Hattie Brock (Highgate Guest) 31.25. First three teams Thames Valley Harriers 47 (4 Lisa da Silva; 8 Tracy Barlow; 15 Joanna Mobed; 20 Maireie Gorman) 2nd were London Heathside 61; 3 Highgate Harriers 64.

The Men's Under 20 race, for the last lap of three, Rory Atkins was leading but eventually outpaced in the last 400 by Toby Clyde. (1 Tobby Clyde (TVH) 26:59; 2 Rory Atkins (Unattached and a Tri-athlete) 27:08; 3 Jamie Finnigan (WSEH) 27:59. (First team TVH 26).

Tobby Clyde: "I was behind Rory for most of the race. It was when I came round the corner from the hill and just up the straight I managed to get passed him."
He said "I have improved since three years ago and improved slightly last year. It is the first year I have been in the Men's category. My last race in the Met League at Uxbridge I was 4th Under 20 in the senior race and 39th overall. It was Okay. I am in my last year at school at St James Senior Boys School. I am turning 18 in June."
He has improved quite a lot over the last few years, being at the back to being up amongst the good runners. His last race was good.

Although Hillingdon had the glory of winning the senior team race for the second year in succession, there were some very notable wins by young Highgate runners. North London Champion, Hannah Viner (U20); and the Fawden brothers Terry Fawden (U17) and Dempster Fawden (U15).
Terry Fawden "It was my third County win but first time in this age group".
Does He train with his brother Dempster?
"I do all my long runs with him. On Tuesdays I train with the seniors."
Last year he was 9thin the National. Was that the outstanding memory for him "Probably or maybe 11th in the Mini Marathon in my first London that was pretty good?"

Charlotte Buckley's record in all the recent races has been that she had never been out of first place but it had to happen sometime and, according to her coach, she was unwell in the Middlesex under 13' 3000 race, won by Yasmin Marghiri but she was so determined to run the race in order that she could make the County team, which she did manage in fourth place. India Weir of her Thames Valley Club won her third Middlesex on the trot in the Under 15's.

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