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Richard Weir (2015)

Richard Weir (Born 7/8/1984). I first met at the National Road Relays at Sutton Park in 2014. He always appeared to run very well in those events for Derby AC.
             It should be noted that he is advised by Spencer Duval, who ran internationally in the 3000m steeplechse and recorded a time of 8:24.64. Duval also won the National Cross Country senior Championship back in 1995.

Richard Weir won the UK CAU & England Athletics Champs over 5000 at Bedford on the 2nd of August 2015 in 14:24.9. He was followed home by Adam Hickey of Southend (14:26.93) and Mohamed Aadan of TVH (14:30.24).
      Richard Weir comes in:- “It started really slow I think. The leaders went through in about 75 seconds. It gradually worked up with about 2k to go. The race got a bit serious then as, it gradually speeded up. I just seemed to move at the right time at the bell, as I was on the shoulder of the leader. I just took the lead with 300 to go and tried not to look behind. The line came as quick as it could”
         Richard Weir’s best track times are 3:41.93 for 1500 at the Watford BMC on the 27th of June in 2015; 4:02.0 for the mile in 2014 and, 1:50.67 for the 800 in 2012.
I then asked him had the BMC been instrumental in helping him with his races over the years.
       “Absolutely. This year I had an invite to Dublin, running for the British Milers Club. It was the first time I was asked to go anywhere abroad!’
‘I always try and make the Grand Prix or go down to Watford mid week if I can. Without the BMC we would be really struggling.’  

What brought Richard Weir into athletics and his answer is interesting
‘I am 31 now so it is a long time ago. I took it up between 9 & 11. My Father Malcolm Weir was a good runner. He did not compete internationally but he was a good runner. He is 68 now and ran 40 minutes for 10k.
When he was younger in his 40’s, he would often do half-marathons and things like that. He introduced me into running although he probably would have preferred me to be a cricketer or something.’  
In athletics terms things that are important as satisfying performances, are obviously not always the ones other people envisage.
        ‘The most pleasing was probably when I was 15 and qualified for the English Schools. I am a journeyman really but I got satisfaction from that but, medals don’t come that often.”
Having said that I did notice he is Northern 3000m Champion indoors this year in Sheffield; and won over the same distance outdoors in May, 2012 in the Loughborough International. He also won quite a few British League 1500 races in his time.

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