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The Ickenham ‘5’ (July 2016)

The Ickenham 5 miles road race has been run in fine weather every year.
The fastest two runners in the history of the race were Firstly in 2012 Somalian, Olympic 1500 runner, Mohamed Hassan Mohamed in 24:44 in 2013 and, the second fastest time ever done was by International, Richard Goodman in 24:50 in 2014.

The 2016 race was run on the 19th of June

ANDREW McMULKIN (27:18) won his first ever race in the Ickenham 5, which was through the leafy suburbs in the Hillingdon area.
Despite it being his slowest time for 5 miles, one must point out McMulkin had run 73:06 minutes for the Cardiff Half Marathon in 2014, which is a good time in anybody’s money.
At Ickenham, it was in humid conditions but lovely sunshine and, over a fast 5 mile course that had a long stretch of grass at the end of the race.
It was the 5th consecutive year sponsored by Active Training World and there was a record entry of 306.

Highgate Harrier Pat Davis, who was a 1:51.68, 800 runner, and back in 2006 in the European Trials and was Southern 800 Champion that year, led for the first mile but always close at hand was McMulkin, who was comfortable all the way and, eased clear for the last 400. 2nd was, M45 runner, Kaarl Spielman of Midhurst Milers in 27:25; and 3rd Connor KIssane-Wood of TVH in 27:40.

Andrew McMulkin added “Three of us went off in the lead. After 2 miles I pushed on a little bit and another couple of lads came. From then on I was either in the top 1 or 2 or in the lead. It felt good today despite it being the slowest time I have ever run for 5 miles. It was the first race I have ever won. I was intending on leaving it to a sprint finish. It was a bit humid but good for distance running. Although it was a personal worst for 5 miles, it was the first race I have won so I was pleased. I had enjoyed the race as much as any I had done. Lovely course nice crowd. This is the sort of race I enjoy!’
He added ‘I enjoy all racing for Bedford & County. We train in a big group. It has got some Luton runners & Pat form Highgate. Lots of different clubs.
’I stopped running when I went to University and was out for 10 years and then, came back to it 3 or 4 years ago. I found it again; when I found some good old running mates and I have never looked back. I am a teacher in Luton.

Two I know well are Mike Beevor & Tony Simmons come from there?

“Mike Beevor is one of my best mates Dad’ who I have run with all my life. So I see Mike regularly and Tony Simmons, who I train with every now and then.’
‘I was a Luton runner but unfortunately the numbers started dwindling as a distance club. They still have got brilliant kids and sprinters but not so many distance runners. I joined Bedford because they have the teams for Cross country and events like that. I used to run with Luke Beevor (He was an international cross country junior when he was in England ).
I went to the same junior school as Luke and we used to come 1st & 2nd in the Luton Schools, when we ran for Boxhill Athletics club back then in Luton We used to finish 1st & 2nd Luke first and me second, then he went to university in America and there he has been ever since. I went to his wedding a couple of years ago. We still speak to each other through facebook. He is doing very well again now but obviously because of his size he gets injured.

The first woman was, a teacher of vulnerable kids, who can’t go to school, Primary & Secondary, Louise Durman (30:22), who ran her personal best time of 30:22. She said “it was a nice course and she has only got back to running in the last 9 months, after an eight year break. Now 29, she pointed to her best runs at ’National’ level as an under ‘23’ when she was Captain of the Birmingham University team.” I used to run for Stroud but live round here so, joined Chiltern. People come from Amersham & Chesham too but, I am a teacher and live in the borough so run for Chiltern. I had an 8 year break and, was I was doing triathlons. I fell out of love with running and wanted to still run but the running thing was not going for me and I was travelling for a year. I got back to it last year so, only been running seriously for about 9 months. I am really pleased with how it is going. I don’t get stressed out with competition now like I did when I was younger but I am enjoying it again now”

The 2nd woman and first veteran was Sasha Birkin, who is 44, she ran 32:38 (44), and “I run for Metro. My run was not that great because it was very hot. I ran a 10k (Vitality 10k 39:25) three weeks ago and ran the Brighton half marathon (86:42) and the London in 3:09:19 this year. She was nearly 40 when she took up running and was inspired by her Dad Steve Birkin, who ran with people like Keith Penny of Cambridge Harriers and raced with him.

James Shipley the ATW Director “It has gone fantastic to-day. It has been absolutely brilliant. The weather. We always get blessed with good weather. Our entries were bigger than last year again. A record number of entries.
This was the first ever race we organised. It is one we like coming back and doing again. We probably had record entries for the kids as well. 60 kids take part in a Fun Run, which was really nice. It just shows local events have good numbers and that it what it is all about really”

Alastair Aitken

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