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Rachel Hunter (August 2016)

RACHEL HUNTER, Born on 30/8/03, is a charming lady hammer thrower for Shaftesbury Barnet AC, who won the English & Inter Counties title for West of Scotland with 62.74 on he 31st of July 2016.
How did it all begin for Rachel “I first started playing football for a while. I went to sprinting to get quicker on the football pitch. Somebody said try the throws. First of all I put the shot and, it led to the hammer at Kale Academy in Scotland.’
     ‘I had never set out to be a hammer thrower. It just happened and it is something I really enjoy, a lot better than other events. I just kept going and here I am!’
The performances that have given her most pleasure, besides the current title of English and Inter-counties champion
     ‘My biggest achievement was 66.30 at Loughborough a couple of years ago. (4k Hammer at the Loughborough International on the 18th of May).
‘That got me to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow (Hampden Park where she did 63.29. That was on the 28th of July, 2014)
“That was really good in front of my home crowd. I came 7th but I was the youngest in the field and it was my first major thing.’
‘I won the ‘Under 23 Championship at Bedford (21/615 with 61.84) and the British Universities twice (62.81 in 2015 & 62.36 in 2016).

Rachel Hunter was at the University of West Scotland and, works as a nurse in a hospital in the Prestwick area of Scotland.
Her work is In the orthopaedic rehab
“Getting people to the film and, get them back up on their feet again, which is so very rewarding a job.”
‘I train when I can but not for the two days at work when I do 7½ hour shifts. I train twice a day on days off.’
‘I enjoy the balance. If things are going well in training it keeps my mind off my work then, it is the same the other way round. It is a good balance.’
I trained with Chris Black for 2½ years and he brought me on massively, changed my technique and everything and, I think that was amazing.
Now I work with my Dad Henry Hunter.
I am with the Scots Institute of Sports. They help me with conditioning and physio’
‘When I was training with Chris my Dad would always come along to the sessions. Chris has really developed me.
I had a shoulder operation in October so, they did not quite know what to expect from the season.
Obviously things have gone well winning the CAU/English title.
Who did she admire as hammer throwers “I think you have got to admire Sophie Hitchon because she is the British record holder and what she has done getting to the Olympic Final (2012) I obviously respect Chris massively as well. What he did for other athletes in Scotland and what he did for me.”

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