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NAT A FORGOTTEN ‘STAR’ (January 2017)

Nat Fisher of Harlow AC, died June 2016. He was born on 1/10/36. He was a very good veteran runner, doing 1:57.74 for the 800 in his 40’s and was good as an M50 and M60 too.

Besides coaching 17 athletes, before he retired from work he drove an Evening News van, delivering papers from the head office in Fleet Street.
I can remember the days in the 1970’s, when I was veteran correspondent for Athletics Weekly and, reported on Nat’s three Southern Veteran cross country championship victories. Nat Fisher also broke his own (M50) 3 mile Eastway Cycle Circuit record by 5 seconds in 14.37.

The one person in the UK, as an M40, he could not beat was ‘The Red Fox’ Roy Fowler in the National Veterans cross country Championships.
He did give him ‘A Hell of race’ each time, as he came in second. When Fowler won for the third time in Perry Bar, Birmingham on the 20th of February 1977, the next two behind Nat Fisher were notable Ex-internationals Gerry North & Ron Gomez. As a matter of fact 9th was John Stead, who competed as an M80 in all the Metropolitan Leagues in 2016 and is now, the oldest in 2017, doing it at 81.

Nat also, as an M60, ran 2:25.6 for 800 in 1998 in the British Milers Standard races, and ran 4:41.85 as an Over 60.

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