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Night of the PB's Part 3 (May 2017)

Women’s Race ‘A’

In the women’s 10k, Beth Potter who runs for Scotland’s Victoria Park, City of Glasgow but in England competes for Shaftesbury Barnet. She broke away in he closing stages to do a World Championship qualifying time and Steph Twell was close at hand for quite a while. Jo Pavey bravely towed the line, after training for the London, which gave her little time to show her usual brilliance at 10k running and she finished fourth. She certainly had the most cheers, as they went round, lap after lap.

Training for the London marathon and then coming down to race seriously on the track must be a hard thing to do?

“There was not quite enough time. I was ill going into the marathon. I felt alright on the day but, had a lot of illness going in. I felt a lot better on the day.’
‘I thought in the marathon, even if I don’t come in the top two in the trial, maybe I had a chance of coming third. I so wanted to make the team but, the other girls ran really well.’
‘I got to 16 miles my legs cramped like mad. I think that was because of having illness problems beforehand.’
The whole week after that I was really ill and dizzy. My hamstrings cramped, so I thought, I want to give the 10k a go now. To be honest the girls ran very well tonight I thought really I would give it a gamble.’

Last time last year you had been ill and, had a worse time in the trial than this year, where you were there with the leaders much longer and, looked that much better
You still made the team later last year for the Olympics?

‘It felt like this was always coming too early, after the marathon attempt. After the marathon I could not even run one step. I had just two weeks to try to change events. It was always going to be a gamble, it is always worth a gamble but, at the end of the day I only had two weeks, just that time to try and get my sessions done, If I had had longer I might have run a bit better.’

Do you think you will be interested to do another race over 10k?
“I would like to try to do one and get selected but I will see what happens.”

People do admire you because, you always have comeback from adversity over  many years of running.
Two weeks and a week of being ill The first three sessions when I went down the track, I would get less than half a session done, and my legs would cramp like mad so, I have just had a couple of weeks to try and  get ready. Beth, Steph and Katrina, I don’t want to take it away from them as they ran well tonight’

Her husband Gavin must still be pleased with what she did
GAVIN “It is a big ask to turn it around in that time.”

BETH POTTER, who did a World Championship qualifying time. This year was something completely new as you did not win it before. Now it’s your day.
“I love this track”

Did her club Shaftesbury Barnet mean a lot to her
“Definitely. I have not raced for them since last year but they are a great club.

Beth Potters club in Scotland is Victoria Park City of Glasgow
I joined Shaftesbury when I was at University so, I could join an English club.’

What brought her into running initially?
My Dad
ALEC started running and I joined in with him. He has done 3:01 for the marathon.”

Did the race go well for her?

Were you a bit surprised you could get away like you did?
“I was quietly confident’

What Job did she do?
 “I am training full time as a triathlete. I used to be a teacher.’

Do you like the triathlon as much as the track?
“I like both.”

First Six out of 23:- 1 Beth Potter 32:04.63; 2 Steph Twell PB of 32:16.23; 3 Katrina Wootton PB of 32:27.47; 4 Jo Pavey Exeter V40, 32:42.93; 5 Claire Duck PB of 32:51.38; 6 Emma Mitchell,  PB in 32:56.11

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