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Night of the PB's Part 5 (May 2017)

Women’s B Race

Still the Personal Best’s were prolific in this, the fifth race of the day, as the first 5 home did PB’s out of the 33 that ran. The First three, all in PB’s, were 1 Georgina Schwiening (Cambridge & Coleridge AC) in 35:17.29; 2 Danielle Fagan (Sale Harriers) 35:27.66; 3 Abbie Donnelly, Lincoln Wellington, an under 23 & a Loughborough student 35:36.04.

Georgina Schwiening “I wanted to go sub-35. (I started running when I was about 12.) To-day I wanted to go sub 35 but there was wind n the straight. I did 35:10 at Bristol two weeks ago so, I thought I might go sub 35 today. In the race I would have preferred to be in a group then, it would only be on the last few laps you would be by yourself. It was with 8 laps to go to-day I picked it up a bit.”
What race in her life would she pick as her best one and her answer was interesting.
“I won the World Junior Duathlon Championships in Canada in 2013, so I was under 20. I do that now but a little bit of running as well. I am in the French duathlon team so, based over in France quite a lot. I am on the same team as Danny Russell (Highgate Harriers).
Cambridge & Coleridge are a good club, I remember when I went to interview a runner called Grenville Tuck, who was running for your club. It was after he came third in the National CC and, he was Cambridge and Coleridge at the time.
“At the club there are quite a few quick girls but I don’t tend to train with them that much, just because of timing but, it is a good club”

Men’s ‘B’ Race

Stephan Listabarth of VBWIE, Austria, won in 29:54.16 (PB); 2nd was Lee Merrien the UK Marathon international, from Newham & Essex Beagles, now M35. He did 30:09.65 and 3rd out of 26 was Nigel Martin of Sale Harriers, coached by Norman Poole, in a personal best time of 30:11.69.

Stephan Listabarth “I came over from Austria but it was worth it.
I have not experienced something like that before. On the track, everyone is going crazy,’
‘I went into the lead with 3k to go. I wanted to run under 9 for 3k to do 30 minutes.”
Does he do well in Austria?
“In the top three in Austria. Today was my PB. It was a little too slow in the middle of the race. I had to give it all so, I was inside 30 minutes. I come from Vienna which is a beautiful city.’
‘I started running when I was 17. I first of all did it for fun and ran a road race; a half marathon without training and did 1.20 something and, I thought OK I am not that bad. Since then I have competed for Austria at cross country in the European championships. I won the Austrian 10k on the road one time. This year I skipped the Austrian Championships because I wanted to run here.”  

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