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Jonathan Ilori (June 2017)

Jonathan Ilori had the distinction of doing two personal best performances in one weekend.
Firstly in the long jump (5th) 7.33 and then winning the triple jump with a legal 16.06. Both of those were done at the South of England Championships, on the 10th & 11th of June, 2017. The very enthusiastic triple jump exponent, even had a further mark in the sand but, it was excluded because of the wind speed. That was 16.10 but not classed as a legal one. In recent years he had tried to get over the 16.00 mark with out success but now at 23, his ability is really coming through.

The first three at Crystal Palace:-
1 Jonathan Ilori (Blackheath & Bromley Harriers) 16.06; 2 Lawrence Davis (Enfield & Haringey) 15.35 & 3 Chuko Cribb (Marshal Milton Keynes) 15.33.

“I was doing athletics as a year seven at school but did not take it seriously, till I was about 15 or so. I was then introduced to John Vernon and then I got in a ‘Great’ jumps group and things took off from there.
One must not forget he showed some potential at the event, doing 11.30 in 2006, as an Under 15 athlete.

‘When I came fifth in the long jump (on June 10th), with a personal best on Saturday of 7.33 the field was a very high quality one so, I was really happy with that’
Today (11/6/17) and it was in round 5 of the triple jump I did my 16.10, which was kindly measured for me which would have been a bigger personal best.’

His Heroes at his event

“I was a big fan of Phillips Odowu; Jonathan Edwards; more recently Christian Taylor and Teddy Tamgho.
Christen Taylor is a very nice man!
“He is a great professional. I think he is the model professional athlete. A great guy.
I have spoken to him a few times.”

If you had to mark a performance down that you have done. Would the one you have just had at Crystal Palace be one of them.
‘If the longer jump had counted it would have been the highlight, it is probably up there. That weekend I have had, is probably the best weekend I have had, it really was, and the triple jump is such a technical event.
He thought even if you had all the components they could still not be calibrated.

Which coaches have been the most helpful to him?
John Vernon works in the US. I am with John Shepherd now. John Shepherd has got a great eye. John Vernon is just a really great person in my earlier career”

In his sprint training for the events what was his best time for 100m?
“I have run 10.7 windy and 11.00 six years ago. It is decent. I have worked with Lorna Boothe the sprints coach’

Athletics means a lot to you so; you must be involved in other ways?
“I am a full time consultant for students looking to go to the United States to universities.
That was what I did; I went to the US to the University of Missouri. The best experience of my life, it was incredible, so that is why I do full time work experience for Students to get over there’
‘It is good. Athletics for me is not like a professional sport for me, more like a hobby. I train five days a week. I love doing that and, love jumping if my body holds up.”

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