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Antonio Infantino (August 2017)

Born 23/3/1991; was educated at Haileybury College & Kings College, London.

A triple winner in his sprinting life was achieved twice, when Antonio Infantino, obtained three English Schools Championship titles and, co-incidentally, much later on the 30/7/2017 he achieved  another hat-trick, by winning his third consecutive English & CAU Inter-Counties titles, over 200m at Bedford.
The charismatic, Antonio, was wearing the bright orange vest of Hertfordshire, each time.
The 2017 Final at Bedford was his closest result of his three Inter-County wins, as his time of 21.14 was also done by second placer, Bristol & West’s Chris Stone in 21.4; Edward Amaning, the Middlesex runner from TVH, who ran in the 400, was 3rd in 21.26.
Antonio had run faster in the 200 semi-final to win in 20.9. In the final he said “It was a bit windy on the bend!”

Antonio Infantino, despite carrying a slight injury, was sixth in the semi-Final of the European Championships in Amsterdam in 2016. His times were a bit shy that year of the time needed to be chosen by for the Olympics but sadly, his time was even closer to the mark of being able to be chosen to run for the Italian team, in the World Championships in London. He had run a 20.45 (w) in the USA in April-The qualifying time for London was 20.40 and, in Trieste, on the 30/7/17 he was second in the 200 Final in the Italian Championships in 20.51, behind the winner Esco Desalou who did 20.32
Both Infantino’s parents are Italian so he decided to take up Italian citizenship. “It just enabled me to make more international Championships. I found, in the UK I was being overlooked, not quite making it. I won the UK Indoor 200 title (British Indoors 200 title on 15/2/15)

When did he fist start out running then
“In 2005, in this Herts Vest. I won, The English Schools 100’ (11.3 Under 15).
‘I had a few bad years whilst I was at Uni and, was not training as much till 2014.
‘I thought then, I am going to try and work and, do track and give it a go for a few years.’

Things have gone well overall
“They have gone OK. The European Championships last year was an amazing experience.
The European Team Championships this year, which was my first one, it was amazing, the first time in Monaco. Maybe the Mediterranean Games and the European Championships next year (2018) in Berlin”
‘At Kings College I studied philosophy for a BA and then at North London I did an MA in philosophy then, I worked in the media. Sky Sports Production TV. Highlights for football, tennis and golf.’
‘Track, unfortunately doesn’t pay you so, you have got to work!’

You love your running at 26?
“I do, definitely, I am going to give it one more year and, it would be nice to finish on a high. I just missed out on the World Championships next week and I have run 20.45 and needed 20.44”

Are your parents keen on your running?
“As long as I am doing well and enjoying it, that is the main thing.’

Were there ‘Stars’ in your life you looked up to when you were young sprinter?
Pietro Mennea, the previous World record holder and 1980 Olympic 200m Champion, was from the same place as my parents were from.”

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