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Alexander Teuten (August 2017)

(Born 2nd of January 1992)

Alex Teuten, who is 25, at the time of writing in August 2017, has become a more notable force, as a cross-country runner and, to a great extent a very good track runner too in 2017.
Although, the tall runner did impress in 2016, with his 4th place in the Highgate Harriers Night of 10,000’s in May 2016, it was his 2017 results that shone through. His collection of Personal Best times in 2017 were impressive - 1:55.84/800; 1500/3:46.35 (The latter at the BMC Meet at Watford in June 24/6) ;8:12.37/3000 13:56.81/5000; 8:50.58 for the 3000 steeplechase. (His lead coach is Roderick Lock).
He is most pleased with his England 5k track victory and especially the British University cross country championships.

After the CAU/England AAA’s Champs 5000 he remarked “It was slow for about 4k and I was comfortable. I know the guys in the front were working hard. I just got stuck in and did as little work as possible, running inside then, it all opened up.’
‘The trouble with the wind, you bided your time. I did not want to risk it into the wind. I left it till the home straight and basically, held them off.’

For a few years the race for 1st, 2nd & 3rd was well spread out, during the course of the race but in 2017 that was not the case, as the groups stayed together, which made it more exciting to watch. It was quite late on Mohamud Aadan moved from last to first in the group but Teuten always appeared to be in control and held off Steve Mitchell.
(At Bedford:- 1 Alex Tueten (Southampton AC) 14:54.56; 2 Steve Mitchell (Bristol & West) 14:5.21; 3 Mohamud Aadan (TVH) 14:56.57).

He was pleased with his result when winning the British Universities cross country at Sheffield on the 4th of February (1, Alex Tueten (Southampton University) 31:49; 2 Paulos Surafei (St Mary’s) 31:57; 3 Ellis Cross (St Mary’s) 32.00. Alex also came 2nd in the BUCS 3000 steeplchase at Bedford in 8:50.58.)

His cross countries are impressive in 2017, as you can add 2nd in the National at Nottingham over 12k’s on 25/2 (1 Ben Connor of Derby 39:35; 2 Alex Teuten 39:49; and 3 Sam Stabler 39:59. At least 1000 took part in that). Yet again, another good result came in the Final cross Challenge and Inter Counties race at Loughborough on the 11/3 (1. Andy Vernon 37:50; 2 Alex Teuten 38.14; 3 Andy Maud 38.19; 4 Sam Stabler 38.30;5 Phil Wicks 38:47; 6 Djene Gezimu 38:58; 7 Mohamud Aadan 39:09; 8 Darren Deed 39:16) 283 ran.

About Andy Maud, that runs for my club Highgate Harriers, who was third, he had this to say
‘I like him, a nice chap. He is outstanding really but had a few problems of late. I respect him a lot, a great athlete’

Alex Teuten is doing a PHD in Chemistry with a lot of lab work between 9 and 5 in the day and remarked “Southampton University are amongst the top 10 universities for chemistry in the country.‘
He added I train at 10 past 6 which is hard to do but, I run 6 or 7 miles and at 5.30 I go for a run again”

Regarding his favourite type of racing. Was it cross country?
People respect it but not quite the same as track. It is the surface they pay least attention to.
It has helped me for other surfaces.”

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