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Herts & Middx Vets CCC (March 2018)

25th of March 2018

ANDREW LEACH 54, whose son is International Matt Leach, who ran for the UK in the Europa Cup 10,000 last year, was a comfortable winner in 33:44, over the hilly Therfield Heath course, at Royston. “It was tough like the courses I used to race on in Yorkshire when I was with Bingley” he remarked.
Soon after the start Leach and Mark Ames were disputing the lead, ahead of a small group. After 1½ miles, of the two lap course Leach, eased ahead and, kept his lead for the rest of the race. In the second half Matt Adcock went into second place. “I last won this race about five years ago. I will be 50 in two weeks time “remarked Matt Adcock
Alex Davidson (55) from the winning Middlesex M50’ Highgate Harriers team, had a battle with Mark Cursons for the Middlesex individual M50 title and, gained ground going up the hills while Cursons had been better on the flatter parts of the course. They were timed at.35.47 to 35:50 respectively.
Afterwards Andrew Leach explained “I remember coming 3rd in the National Youth of 1980 which was a breakthrough for me, when I was at Bradford Grammar School with Richard Nerukar and, being 13th in the 1993 National seniors but, I then had injuries and gave it up for 20 years and, came back at 50, I trotted out with Matt my son, who was at Cambridge University at the time and, found, my knees seemed to be OK “

In the one lap race Des Michael (68) was first over 60 “I never thought I had a chance of catching Dave Desborough but I am good on the downhill's and worked hard to pull away from him in the last half mile. Although I had set my mind on second place I realised having been taught by an international fell runner how to go up and down hills I regained some ground and, willed myself to pull away from Dave in the last half mile.”

Now 68 why did Des continue to race such a lot?
He said “what comes first the chicken and the egg!’
He continued ‘Enjoyment makes you run. The good quality running makes you enjoy it.
It is very rare I will go out for a run and think this is a chore!

The clearest winner of the day was by last year’s W35 Champion, Charlene Jacobs-Conradie (39)
The British Masters 5k track Champion and 2nd in the Home international.
She said “Gordon Addison coaches me and took me under his wing after the 2017 London Marathon and, I have been doing 90 miles a week in preparation for the Rotterdam Marathon. My times so far are 3:29 in 2016; 3:02.14 in 2017 and I consider I should run 2:45 in Rotterdam.”

Jo Kent (51) was the second woman home, after running in that position for the whole race and had been pleased to get 23rd in one of the Met Leagues this season.” I might add she is being modest because Jo was First Over 50 runner in all 5 consecutive leagues that make up the number run in the season!

I would like to point out also the first Over 70 runner in the Middlesex Championships William O’Connor of QPH, did a chip time of 33:49. He will be running the London Marathon again this year (2018) having done every one since it began in 1981 also he said to me after this race “ I have retuned to full time work again.”
To think that the amazing New Zealander, used to train and race against the best runners in New Zealand in his day.

Alastair Aitken

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