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Richard Ringer - Night of the 10k PBs (May 2018)

On the Evening of the 19th of May 2018, Richard Ringer, (Born 29/8/89) from Germany won, probably the most exciting race ever seen at the historic Highgate Harriers track, at Parliament Hill Fields, North London when, he won the European 10,000 metres Cup. He won in 27:36.22 “It was 30 seconds inside my best,” he said to me, at Ben Pochee’s Night of the 10,000 PB’s.

When one realises that the first 7 of the finishers were inside 28 minutes for 10,000, it was very impressive. Out of the 32 starters, they were 1 Richard Ringer (GER) PB of 27:36.52; 2 Morad Amdouni (France) 27:36.80 PB; 3 Yemaneberhan Crippa (ITA) 27:44.21, a new National record, besides being a PB; 4 Adel Mechaal (ESP), 27:50.56, a PB; then the new British Champion and, only 20, from Kent, England, in 5th place, Alex Yee in a personal best time of 27:51.94; 6 Andy Vernon (GBR) in a season’s best of 27:52.32; 7 Chris Thompson (GBR) 27:52.56 (SB).

Richard Ringer:- “I found going through 5000 in 14:01 was not too hard for me’ (His best 5000 was 13:10.94) - He continued ‘I felt strong and I found I had the energy at the important point at 7k. I went into the lead with six laps to go. It was my best race ever with the atmosphere’
He has a girl friend that is keen on his athletics, which is good and he is self-coached
“I love running in the forests near Lake Constance, in Southern Germany that is the area that gives me the endurance.’
‘My first competition ever was when I was 10 years old and I ran 2:51 for 800m.
It was when I was 15 years old I ran 4:09 for 1500, which was very good for a 15 year old. I knew then I had good endurance and able to be a good runner’
‘I realise a lot of runners train in Africa but I like running in the forests and the areas in the South of Germany”
He decided, after gaining a bronze in the European Indoors in Belgrade for 3000m (8:01.01) in 2017 and 3rd in the European 5000 outdoors, in Amsterdam in 2016, when he also was 3rd in 13:40.85 in 2016. So, he wanted to win a big race. This he certainly did in the Europa Cup at the Night of the PB’s.
Morad Amdouni of France undoubtedly, will be a rival of his at the European outdoors Championships later in the year (Berlin in August 2018) and has good fast figures on the books of 1:47.20 for 800 in 2015 and that same year did a 1500 in 3:34.05.

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