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Night of the 10k PBs (May 2018) - part 6

Damian Nevins & Alex Lepretre
Damian Nevins of Harrow AC won race 2 in the hottest part of the afternoon sun
He remarked “Lepretre did a lot of the work, without him I would have been dropped, but he faded, as he struggled taking 10 laps on his own.”
Nevins continued ‘I started running at 15 and I am 37 now. I did not start training seriously till I was 24/25. I only ever put two winters together. These last 2 years and, when I was 28/29. If I get the consistency I can run quite well but I break down a lot.'
‘I run for Harrow AC in the Chiltern League and, I was second overall but, it is not an s high standard as the Metropolitan League where I would find it difficult to make the first 10’

‘I did not have any major problems this last winter but, the one before I had mild pneumonia. I only had one chest infection this winter which has helped. To be able to train healthy and fit is the key. I love running it’s great, especially if your running quickly it is even better.’ It’s passion.’

‘We are all running to our potential, of what we can do. This event is brilliant because, there is always someone better than you. I did not finish for three years. I was dropping off so much, I am pleased I have got the monkey off my back as well, running hard and I could not have run any harder to-day”

Alex Lepretre, from Brnet & District AC who won the Fraternity Cup cross-country at Trent Park, on the 25th of November 2017 “To-day I was with the pacer for the first 5k. I felt really good. When the pacer left it was really hard work. It took it’s toll on me”

Recently he has had some training with a group under Madeem Shaikh
Madeem said
“I have recently helped him with his speed work. He is doing really well. I have given him a few schedules.”

In this 10,000 Damian Nevins improved from 34:13.66 in 2008 to 31:03.23 but he said his best before this year’s Night of PB’ he said was 31:32.
The first 4 of 35 starters all did PB’s
1. Damian Nevins 31:03.23; 2 Alexander Lepretre 31:09.36; 3 Ben Savill (Croydon) 31:26.25; 4 Grant Twist (Havering) 31:29.38

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