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Night of the 10k PBs (May 2018) - part 8

Joe Morwood (May 2018)

(Night of 10,000m PBs - Race 4)

Joe Morwood has something else to celebrate, other than winning at Parliament Hill.
He is getting married to Steff Twell, in September 2018. That charming and, well known international track, road and cross-country runner from the club Joe belongs to, Aldershot Farnham & District Athletic Club.

At Parliament Hill in Race 4 Joe Morwood was following the pacemaker then he went into the lead at 6k. “We slowed down when the pacemaker dropped out and I took the lead then and, probably opened up a gap’
The interesting thing here was that  the pacer was Robel Bahelbi of Highgate Harriers and, the very next day Robel and Joe met, racing it out in the Hackney Half marathon and, the end result was 1st Joe Morwood in 1:08.10 and 2nd Robel Bahelbi in 1:09.10.

Joe, who started running, at 17, when he joined Aldershot and came under the influence of that good coach Mick Woods.
Some big memories for Joe Morwood were when he was on the anchor leg of the winning Aldershot National six stage road relay team that won the six stage in 2014.
Last year he ran in the National six stage then, the next day he won the Oxford half marathon in 67.42 Those type of doubles reminded me a bit of the ‘Great’ Tipton club runner Andy Holden, who was never frightened of doing things like running hard in consecutive races. Who was Joe inspired by “Our team Manager Mike Boucher with his enthusiasm.’

Talking again about his race at Parliament Hill “I thought I was in 30:30 shapes so I was pleased to get in a 30:30 paced race as, I was in that sort of shape and have run even splits. I am happy then.”

The first two did personal best. 1 Joe Morwood (AFD) 30:28.38 and 2nd David Long of Bournemouth, who did 30:54.38. In 3rd place was Frdrik Uhrbom of Sweden and Over 40 athlete in 30:56.47 and another 40 year old well up, was Christopher Greenwood of Kent AC who was 8th of the 23 finishers in 30:58.95.

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