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Night of PBs 2019 - Part 2

10k Night of PB’s Race 1 (July 2019)
At 14.15 on the 6th of July, was the first race and the first seven home of 30 finishers did Personal Best times, showing the meeting was going to be an ‘electric’ one from the word go.
The first 3 home were 1 Ollie Garrod (SLH) in 31:36.92; (Recent best 31.49.0) 2 Daniel Kasha (Sale Harriers) 31:42.39  3 Patrick Doddy (THH) 31:44.38.

Ollie Garrod, “I sat on the pacemaker for seven kilometres’
Ollie is 26, so when did he start running.
“Back when I was 15 or so. I realised I was not much good at rugby. I was not a runner either but, if you work at it you get results... I was in the middle of the pack at school.
Epsom & E' brought me on leaps and bounds,
I did my first 100k for England earlier this year. I am an ultra and marathon runner mainly (He has done a 2:29 marathon. He was 5th in the Celtic Plate’ British Championships, that gained him an England team medal and, he is a prolific Park runner & winner in tons of Park runs).  
Were you helped along the way?
“Peter Povey was my first coach. He took me to all the places. Then David Mitchell another Epsom runner. And my training partner Will.’
‘I love racing and getting out there. I am not scared of racing, even if things go wrong. It is part of the game isn’t it? I am running a 5 mile tomorrow at Claygate; it is good training for me.

10k Night of PB’s Race 2 (July 2019)
At 15.00 was Race 2.
29 people of 37 did personal best times. The first 3 were 1 Will Green of Serpentine who improved his best time from 31:03 to 30:50.36, 2 Sam Johnson Birchfield in 31:00.19; 3 Sam Bancroft Bristol & West 31:11.39.
“A couple of weeks ago I did 31:05 so I was not expecting it. I have been trying to get lower than 31 for a while.’
‘I ran as a junior then I stopped. I did the relay scene when I was 15/16. We won the Northern Champs in the relays. Mike Yates was our coach, who passed away a few years ago. I did not run again till my early 30’s and picked it up again. The London marathon got me back into it. My wife’s Dad was a runner as well and a club runner all his life Nigel Bush. He used to be  Chairman of Biggleswade.”

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