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Night of PBs 2019 - Part 3

10k Night of PB’s Race 3 (July 2019)

Third 10k race race at 15.45
29 finishers First 3:- 1 Sean Fontana in a season’s Best of 30:02.81. He competes for Inverclyde/City of Glasgow; 2 Geart Jorritsma (Netherlands) 30:09.97; 3 Daniel Mulryan  (TVH) 30:11.49.

“It was more of a comeback race. I have had a root infection abscess, night sweats and achilles tendonitis also, trying to start up my personal training business so; I was putting in 70 hours a week into that and, doing 100 miles of running into that. I am training hard with Adam Kay, who has run for Great Britain. We train hard together. It was not till last Tuesday session I felt I was getting my Mojo back again. He has run 29.16 (PB-2015) If I ran inside 30 minutes to-day, I would think that was a great race’
‘I first started running with my Mum to lose weight as, I was obese as a kid till I was 13 to 14 years old. My first 10k I did 60 minutes. I have halved it to-day!
‘I am going to run a marathon on the 1st of December. To be nice and healthy, then push on for the rest of the season fingers crossed, get the balance right.’ To-day, with 6 laps to go I was thinking of dropping to the side, my calves were killing me, my joints were killing me, the impact of track. I thought I don’t think I can make a sprint today’
When things were tough for him he became determined because, thoughts of his family ‘My Dad is in remission with cancer, My Gran passed away a couple of years back—I was running for them..
If he makes the standard he would like to compete for Scotland in the Commonwealth marathon. He has done 66:11 for a half marathon in 2018

Alastair Aitken

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