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Night of PBs 2019 - Part 4

10k Night of PB’s Race 4

16:30 Race 4 1 Hanne Verbruggen (KAB) 33.30.67; 2 Julia Mayer (VBWIE) 33:53.69; 3 Abbie Donnelly 9LINCW) 33:56.13.
“I have been Belgian Champion four times. That includes 3k and on the roads and half marathon.’
‘I started running 5 years ago (She was born 27/5/93).’

The most valuable training for her?
“I like the long distance. I run the marathon 2:39.03 in Düsseldorf. I will run in Berlin to qualify me for the Olympic Games. I like road running the most. The track is always the same.”
‘In the mornings I am a two times teacher in biology & science and train in the evening.
My coach is strong and he is the basis of my running career.

Alastair Aitken

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