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Night of PBs 2019 - Women's European Cup

Night of 10k PBs Race 8 (July 2019)

European Cup Race - Women’s ‘A’ Race 20.00

1 Stephanie Twell, Aldershot Farnham & District AC 31:08.13; 2 Lonah Chermetai Salpeter (The winner last year) Israel, 31:15.7; 3 Elish Mccolgan (GB) 31:16.76. (34 finished)  

Steph Twell Straight after the race she pointed out
“I am doing a marathon this year.‘
‘Your successful road running this year has not affected your track racing like in this race.‘
‘Not with the speed work I do’
I asked her husband Joe Morwood, whether he thought it was hard for Steph to transfer from road to track?
“No I think she always has had the track pedigree. She has been a great 1500 runner’
‘Today she decided to just go for it. She is quite a front runner and likes being a front runner and, sometimes, it has been to her detriment.
There was someone to chase in front to-day (Salpeter) Winning the European Cup was vindication, as she has not had a break through for 4 or 5 years. It was the biggest breakthrough she has had in terms of individual wins, in terms of being a confidence booster. She has been at this level for way longer than people realise. It is just getting it out there in events. I think the coaching transition as well. She was under Mick Woods for most of her career and now transition to more,the Steph based set up. The dynamic is based around Steph and she has a few advisers and they tell her what to do She gets more confidence about taking the lead.”

Eilish “I did a good PB and was pleased to do a qualifying time for the World Championships (She is going for the 5 rather than the 10k in the World’s according to the Press)

In the race for the European Cup title, from 8k onwards there was only one likely winner, as Steph Twell really powered ahead of the talented and earlier leader, Kenyan/Israeli, Salpeter and, it was that point Eilish dropped away a little bit but, not enough to miss the fast qualifying time at the finish.

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