Southern League Division 2 North - Parliament Hill - 21st Jun 2014

By Alastair Aitken

On Saturday, HIGHGATE HARRIERS beat three clubs that were ahead of them in their Southern League Division 2 North this year.
The combined Women's and Men's team amassed 222 points in the glorious sunshine at Hampstead Heath.
2nd was Oxford City AC 180; 3 Newham & Essex Beagles 167 and 4 Peterborough 112.
Highgate Harriers were last in their previous two matches so, that performance on Saturday should; at least, take them off the very bottom of the league table.

The next Southern League meeting for them is at Luton on the 12th of July. They will be without two of their leading 'Big' points scorers Hannah Viner and Georgia Fear, who will be competing in the English Schools Championships in Birmingham that day but it is important that Highgate get a very good turn out at Luton. They can not rely on the fact that they should do very well at Parliament Hill Fields on the 2nd of August, when so many athletes will obviously want to compete at the local track.

It is important they go in strongly at Luton, like they did at Parliament Hill, when they got maximum points in their first Men's track event of the day, after a 1st and a 2nd in the first Women's 400hurdles which was the 'Pipe Opener.'

On Saturday a particularly noteworthy performance was by Mehran Sanei, who was 2nd in the 'A' javelin with 47.55m. That is likely to be the best ever javelin throw by an 'Over 40' Highgate Harrier athlete and, with another veteran James Rossiter, they make a 'Great' double act in the throwing events.
Emmanuel Olatunji (Under 20; Born 10/1/97) was in good form winning the 'A' 100/200 11.3/23.1 and was 2nd in the 'A' high jump with 1.80 and also 2nd in the Long Jump 'A' with 6.47.

For several years now, a prolific performer has been Matt Dore-Weeks who was as versatile as ever, at Parliament Hill Fields, winning the pole vault 'A' with 2.70m 400m Hurdles 'B' 60.3; 2nd in the 110 hurdles 'A' with 16.3 as well as 2nd in the 'B' high jump with 1.75.
The winner of the 'B' pole vault was 'Under 17' athlete Valentin Ricod who also cleared 2.70m.
Arnold Mensuoh, an 'Under 17' athlete, having his first year of real competition alongside the seniors, had two places in the frame. He came 3rd in the long jump 'B' with 5.18 and 2nd in the triple Jump 'A' with 12.43. The winner of the latter being Ex-International Julian Golley of Newham & Essex Beagles, who did 14.82.

Ryan McKinlay had a convincing win in the 2000m steeplechase 'A' with 5.57.0 and a good back up with points was Pierce Boyle who ran round to take the 'B' 7:35.0. McKinlay won the 800 'A' in 1:59.5 and was part of the 4x400 relay team that won in 3:26.8. Ben Noad, more an established longer distance runner, came through late for 2nd in the 'B' with 2:19.1. In the 1500 Robel Bahelbi was the winner for the 'A' with 4:06.9 and 'Under 17' runner, James Millett, won the 'B' in 4:25.7.
Highgate got two 2nd places in the 5000m with Rob Wilson doing 15:18.7 for the 'A' and Brahma Pochee 15:31.
Finbarr Ricketts, is gradually approaching his best form again, by winning the 'B' 200 in 23.5 and the 'A' 400 in 51.8. Gabriel Springer ran even faster in the 'B' when he won in 51.3.
It was good to see Simon Child in action again, as he won the 110m hurdles 'B' in 19.8 and the 'A' 400 hurdles in 60.00. He also did the triple jump and was 2nd 'B' with 11.54.
James Rossiter, an Over 40 athlete, had several place positions with 3rd in the 'B' shot with 8.81; 2nd in the 'B' discus 23.45; and 3rd in the hammer 'B' 17.81. Mehran Sanei was 2nd in the 'A' with 23.71 and 2nd in the shot 'A' with 8.52. Rossiter also won the Javelin 'B' with 39.32.

The women were competing well to make up the total winning score

Hannah Viner won the 800 'B' 2:19.7 and 1500 steeplechase in 5:26.9. She was also 3rd in the hammer 'B' and 4th in the shot 'B'.
Gemma Rous was a winner in the 'A' 400 hurdles in 63.2 and the 'A' 100 hurdles 17.1 and 3rd in the 'A' shot with 8.60.
Nina Anderson picked up some useful points by winning the javelin 'B' with 15.09 besides coming 2nd in the 200 'A' in 26.2 the same time as the winner Alice Byes of Oxford who won and Nina Anderson, also won the 'A' 400 in 58.2. Nina, an 'Over 40' Veteran Champion, had her best times so far this season for those two events.

Alima Diabate, who can always be relied on for some good results in the Southern League, was 2nd in the 'A' 100 in 13.1 and 1st in the 'B' 200 in 26.8. Her 100m time equalled her best time ever for the event. Alima won the 'B' high jump with 1.25 plus 3rd in the hammer 'A' 8.41, which proved valuable points for the club and an Under 17 girl Amber Vernon-Powell did 4.61 for 3rd 'B' and 2nd in the 'B' 100 in 13.6.
Lulu Szego, an Under 20 athlete, won the javelin 'A' with 23.59 and also came 3rd in the 'A' discus with 24.70. Jenny Holmes and Amy Rutherford were having good afternoons with creditable places in the relays. Rutherford also was 2nd in the triple jump 'B' with 8.77 and 'B' 100 hurdles 20.4 and 2nd in the 'B' 400h in 78.5, as well as 4th in the high jump 'B' with 1.25.
Jenny Holmes was 2nd in the triple jump 'A' with 9.20. Georgia Fear, as expected ran well. She is an 'Under 17' and won the 800 'A' in 2:15.0 eleven seconds ahead of her nearest rival.
Sophie Sheldrake got a couple of good runs in. In the 'A' 3000 she ran 11.34.9 for 2nd place and the 'A' 1500 5:21.9 for 3rd.
Emma Burgess had a couple of good 'B' string runs. 2nd in the 'B' 1500 in 5:31.9 and 1st in the 'B' 3000 in 11.37.2.
Two Non-Scoring actual winners but, not counting in the match, had impressive performances. Chris Rainsford, a second claim Highgate Harrier, who was 3rd in the Southern 5000m at Crystal Palace the previous Saturday, ran 4:5.7 in the 1500 and Ex-European Championship marathon runner, Rebecca Robinson, from Kendal AC ran round the 3000 in 9:45.0.

Alastair Aitken