January 2011

8th January - Middlesex Cross Country Champs
Trent Park

Under 13 boys (3000m)
4thGeorge Gould12:37
6thAlexander Machin-Paley12:42
8thTerrence Fawden13:01
21stArnold Harrison14:10
30thKeshin Harrison15:03
43 finishers
Team positions (top 3 of 9)
1stHighgate Harriers18 points
2ndThames Valley Harriers34 points
3rdEnfield & Harringey39 points

Under 13 girls (3000m)
12thMarjolaine Briscoe14:39
38thLucia Rimini18:57
38 finishers

Under 15 boys (4000m)
7thStanley Harrison 15:23
18thAbei Thewodros16:57
29thGabriel Springer18:17
39thPeter Laing19:41
45thRuari Duval Smith21:15
46 finishers
Team position 6th

Under 15 girls (4000m)
6thHannah Viner 18:36
22ndLulu Szego23:44
26 finishers

Under 20 men (8000m)
14thWilliam Laing 35:43
18 finishers

Under 20 Women (5000m)
6thHannah Ashman27:26
7 finishers
Senior Women (8000m)
1stEsther Evans32:32
9thLindsay Kehoe35:35
10thSarah Bailey35:40
13thLouise Faherty36:42
20thRhonda Munnik37:40
22ndNatasha Cendrowicz38:34
26thGaelle Lebray38:57
59thKirat Nandra51:50
62 finishers
Team positions (top 3 of 8)
1stHighgate Harriers33 points
2ndSerpentine 49 points
3rdLondon Heathside66 points

Senior Men (12000m)
6thHenry Dodwell42:54
13thGlenn Saqui45:01
14thRyan McKinlay45:14
18thChris Beecham45:30
22ndPeter Downie46:22
29thJon Deane47:17
31stChris Panayiotou47:38
33rdAndrew Aitken47:47
35thChris Bailey48:12
38thMaarten Hoeven49:28
44thRichard Stewart50:08
81stJoseph Lowe54:18
144 finishers
Team positions (top 3 of 12)
1stSerpentine87 points
2ndHighgate Harriers102 points
3rdHillingdon131 points

Full Middlesex 2011 results

15th January - Metropolitan Cross Country League (Race 3)
Alexandra Palace

Under 13 boys
4th George Gould13m 03s
6th Alexander Machin-Paley13m 24s
29 finishers
Under 17 men
33rd Gabriel Springer (U15)16m 59s
37th Peter Laing (U15)17m 20s
46 finishers
Senior Women
1stBecky Penty 21m 01s
11thTessa Hill 23m 21s
21stLindsay Kehoe24m 18s
25thSarah Bailey 24m 30s
28thLouise Faherty24m 46s
35thAstrid Wingler 24m 57s
36thRhonda Munnick24m 59s
57thGaelle Lebray26m 27s
62ndNatasha Cendrowicz26m 57s
114thSarah Chapman30m 30s
128thKiray Nandra33m 28s
135 finishers
Match Position 2nd
League table after race 3
(Division 1 - top 4)
1st Serpentine1251 points
2nd Highgate Harriers 1097 points
3rd Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers 1010 points
4th Woodford Green with EL   931 points
Senior Men
6thHenry Dodwell 27m 02s
8thSean Dixon27m 17s
21stRyan McKinlay28m 24s
36thAlex Leslie29m 15s
37thChris Panayiotou29m 15s
42ndPeter Downie29m 31s
51stJonathan Deane29m 52s
58thChris Beecham30m 02s
74thDuncan Burbidge30m 25s
76thChris Bailey30m 29s
83rdMarten Van der Hoeven30m 47s
89thAndrew Aitken31m 06s
104thRichard Stewart31m 40s
148thSaningo Martyn32m 59s
171stJoseph Lowe33m 35s
266thSteve Scruton37m 40s
345 finishers
Match Position 3rd
League table after race 3
(Division 1 - top 4)
1st Woodford Green with EL4920 points
2nd Serpentine RC4801 points
3rd Shaftesbury Barnet 4323 points
4th Highgate Harriers 3971 points

Full Results

29th January - South of England Cross Country Championships
Parliament Hill Fields

Under 13 Girls (3000m)
113 Marjolaine Briscoe14m 34s
263 Lucia Rimini18m 53s
242 finishers
Under 13 boys (3000m)
25George Gould12m 20s
45Terry Fawden12m 46s
105Arnold Harrison13m 30s
224 finishers
Under 15 Girls (4000m)
83Hannah Viner17m 31s
180Kirsten Sorbie20m 36s
192Edith Ault21m 30s
206Lulu Szego23m 33s
209 finishers       26th of 28 teams
Under 15 Boys (4500m)
94Stanley Harrison17m 22s
186Ruari Duval Smith18m 43s
214Abei Thewodros19m 28s
228Peter Laing19m 55s
257Daniel Lavin21m 42s
262 finishers       31st of 37 teams
Under 17 Women (5000m)
105Isabel Barnet26m 01s
107Amy-Jane Cotter26m 09s
124 finishers
Under 17 Men (6000m)
121Tristan Goodman24m 22s
172Pierce Boyle28m 33s
178 finishers
Senior Women (8000m)
27Tessa Hill 32m 15s
60Sarah Bailey 34m 28s
74Lindsay Kehoe35m 06s
113Louise Faherty36m 23s
157Gaelle Lebray37m 57s
162Natasha Cendrowicz 38m 09s
202Alex Goodwin39m 22s
204Jenny Chewter39m 26s
254Fiona Maguire41m 30s
358Kirat Nandra49m 09s
381 finishers
Team positions (4 to score)
1st City of Norwich 75 points
2nd Serpentine RC111 points
3rd Aldershot, Farnham & District 116 points
11th Highgate Harriers 'A' 274 points
32nd Highgate Harriers 'B' 725 points
62 teams finished
Senior Men (15000m)
12Murray Strain50m 05s
25Henry Dodwell51m 49s
36Ben Pochee52m 20s
49Glenn Saqui52m 59s
69Danny Russell53m 38s
87Shaun Dixon 54m 29s
116Richard Scott55m 39s
124Jack Matthewman56m 03s
135Peter Downie56m 30s
151Stephen Tompson57m 02s
158Jon Deane 57m 14s
178Chris Beecham57m 56s
188Maarten Van Der Hoeven58m 15s
192Stephen Whiting 58m 25s
220Dan Higgins59m 21s
230Andrew Aitken59m 39s
284Richard Stewart 60m 57s
289Brahama Pochee 61m 10s
302Saningo Martyn61m 41s
403John O'Shea64m 45s
488Joseph Lowe67m 02s
490Nick Stockman67m 08s
650Steven Scruton72m 27s
670Rob Walker73m 23s
821Keith Wilson83m 23s
885 finishers
Team positions (6 to score)
1st Bedford & County129 points
2nd Aldershot, Farnham & District AC222 points
3rd Highgate Harriers 278 points
16th Highgate Harriers 'B' 862 points
25th Highgate Harriers 'C' 1403 points
93 teams finished
Team positions (12 to score)
1st Bedford & County644 points
2nd Highgate Harriers 1140 points
3rdHerne Hill Harriers1395 points
24 teams finished

Full Results

February 2011

5th February - North West London Young Athletes League
Barnet Copthall

Results can be found
on the Young Athletes page

12th February - Metropolitan Cross Country League (Race 4)
Horsenden Hill

Senior Women
3rdEsther Evans22m 21s
15thSarah Bailey 24m 30s
29thAstrid Wingler 25m 50s
33rdRhian Hampson-Jones26m 00s
34thLouise Faherty26m 14s
44thNatasha Cendrowicz26m 52s
80thSarah Chapman30m 37s
92ndKiray Nandra33m 00s
100 finishers
Match Position 3rd
Final League table after race 4
(Division 1 - top 3)
1st Serpentine1590 points
2nd Highgate Harriers 1348 points
3rd Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers 1283 points
Vets Final League table after race 4
(Division 1 - top 3)
1st Highgate Harriers 466 points
2nd Ealing, Southall & Middlesex312 points
3rd Serpentine RC311 points
Senior Men
10thSean Dixon 30m 48s
11thBen Pochee30m 50s
16thGlenn Saqui31m 15s
39thPeter Downie32m 26s
48thStephen Whiting32m 57s
55thMarten Van der Hoeven33m 14s
59thAlex Leslie33m 22s
65thJonathan Deane33m 32s
111thRichard Stewart35m 52s
163rdJoseph Lowe38m 18s
193rdSteve Scruton39m 48s
199thRichard Solomons40m 15s
277 finishers
Match Position 4th
Final League table after race 4
(Division 1 - top 3)
1st Woodford Green with EL6305 points
2nd Serpentine RC6227 points
3rd Highgate Harriers 4965 points

Full Results

19th February - English National Cross Country Championships
Alton Towers

Under 13 girls (3K)
1 Katie Shiel Rankin (Aldershot FD) 13:39
131 Marjolaine Briscoe 16:19
366 finishers
Under 13 boys (3K)
1 George Elliot (Benfleet RC)   8:47
194 Arnold Harrison 10:30
319 Terence Fawden 12:16
327 finishers
Under 15 boys (4½K)
1 Adam Howard (Oldham & Royton) 16:53
302 Peter Laing 22:35
326 finishers
Senior Women (8K)
1 Louise Damen (Winchester) 23:49
40 Tessa Hill 26:49
263   Natasha Cendrowicz 32:17
552 finishers
Senior Men (12K)
1 Steve Vernon (Stockport Harriers) 35:11
8 Ben Noad 36:36
61 Henry Dodwell 39:01
86 Ben Pochee 39:35
89 Shaun Dixon 39:38
106 Glenn Saqui 40:05
154 Danny Russell 41:05
164 Ryan McKinlay 41:15
170 Richard Scott 41:22
199 Peter Downie 42:17
310 Andrew Aitken 44:16
646 Nick Gold 49:42
817 Nick Stockman 52:44
977 Duncan Burbidge 56:13
1302 finishers
Team position (6 to score)   6th from 95 teams

Full results on the ECCA website

March 2011

5th March - Middlesex Masters Cross Country Championships
Mad Bess Wood, Ruislip

Men & Women combined
3rdChris Beecham29:13
8thRichard Stewart30:41
16thChris Bailey31:27
21stJohn O'Shea32:11
43rdSteve Scruton34:53
48thSarah Bailey (3rd V35 woman)35:29
66thNatasha Cendrowicz (12th woman)38:44
97 finishers
Mens Team positions (3 to score)
1stHighgate Harriers19 points
2ndLondon Heathside31 points
3rdHillingdon39 points
4thThames Valley Harriers42 points

Full Results on the Middlesex website

26th March - North West London Young Athletes League Race 5
Finsbury Park

Full results (including End of Season results) can be found
on the Young Athletes page

27th March - South of England Road Relay Championships
Milton Keynes

Women (6 x 5506m)
Leg 1Lindsay Kehoe (17th)21:22
Leg 2Katie Meredith (10th)20:44
Leg 3Kate Jenrick (7th)20:47
Leg 4Rhonda Munnik (7th)22:40
Leg 5Natasha Cendrowicz (10th)22:54
Leg 6Alexia Trafford (10th)23:37
Team Positions
1stAldershot, Farnham & District1:58:11
2ndArena 802:01:45
3rdCity of Norwich2:01:59
10thHighgate Harriers2:12:04
20 teams finished

Full results

Men (12 stage)

'A' team
Leg 1 (L)Ben Pochee (8th)24:48
Leg 2 (S)Peter Downie (10th)17:45
Leg 3 (L)Glenn Saqui (5th) 25:06
Leg 4 (S)Stephen Whiting (7th)18:20
Leg 5 (L)Ben Noad (5th) (4th fastest)24:16
Leg 6 (S)Danny Russell (3rd) (7th fastest)16:56
Leg 7 (L)Richard Scott (4th)25:57
Leg 8 (S)Chris Beecham (5th)18:01
Leg 9 (L)Henry Dodwell (3rd)25:29
Leg 10 (S)Jon Deane (2nd)18:51
Leg 11 (L)Shaun Dixon (2nd)25:53
Leg 12 (S)Ryan McKinley (2nd)17:21
Long leg = 7978m / Short leg = 5506m
Incomplete 'B' team
Leg 1 (L)Patrick Davis (33rd)28:42
Leg 2 (S)Brahma Pochee (33rd)19:29
Leg 3 (L)Keith Wilson (34th) 34:02
Leg 4 (S)Darren Treadaway (34th)18:30
Leg 5 (L)Saningo Martyn (34th)29:35
Leg 6 (S)Duncan Burbidge (34th)21:51
Leg 7 (L)Nick Stockman (31st)25:41
Leg 8 (S)Richard Stewart (29th)18:04
Leg 9 (L)  
Leg 10 (S)  
Leg 11 (L)  
Leg 12 (S)  
Long leg = 7978m / Short leg = 5506m

Team Positions

1stNewham & Essex4:17:46
2ndHighgate Harriers 'A'4:18:43
3rdWoodford Green & Essex Ladies4:20:03
31 teams finished

Full results