January 2016

9th January - Middlesex Cross Country Champs
Wormwood Scrubs

Under 11 girls (1500m approx)
1Lydia Louw (Hillingdon)7:24
4Siena Thompson7:55
8Hannah Giles8:16
11Amy Chapman8:40
16Lily Mitchell8:46
26 finishers

Under 13 girls (3000m approx)
1Maayan Radus (Blkhth & Brom)13:28
4Ava Mulvihill14:11
9Ellie Gilmore14:43
10Ellen Donald14:46
17Milly Dunne15:07
26Ella Hartley15:44
28Isabella Millett15:48
48 finishers
Team positions - 3 to score (top 3 of 5)
1stThames Valley Harriers14 points
2ndHighgate Harriers23 points
3rdVictoria Park & Tower Hamlets48 points

Under 15 girls (4000m approx)
1Isabel Atkins (Ranelagh)14:58
6Phoebe Littler15:59
7Sasha Fear16:05
14Emma Williets16:54
21Maxine Chapman17:21
28Daisy Griffin18:06
37 finishers
Team positions - 3 to score (top 3 of 6)
1stHighgate Harriers27 points
2ndThames Valley Harriers42 points
3rdShaftesbury Barnet48 points

Under 17 women (5000m approx)
1India Weir (TVH)20:29
10Esther Pigney23:14
20 finishers
Team positions - 3 to score (top 3 of 4)
1stThames Valley Harriers12 points
2ndEnfield & Haringey30 points
3rdEaling, Southall & Middx34 points

Under 20 women (5000m approx)
1Georgia Fear19:30
2Hannah Viner19:51
12 finishers

Senior Women (8000m approx)
1Svenja Abel28:43
5Emma Burgess33:00
75 finishers
Team positions - 4 to score (top 3 of 10)
1stLondon Heathside38 points
2ndThames Valley Harriers43 points
3rdSerpentine76 points

Under 11 boys (1500m approx)
1Harry Glyn (VPH & THAC)6:44
6Jack Bailey7:08
9Caspar Hopkins7:18
16Remy Weinbrecht7:43
19Sacha Beesley White7:57
22Franklin Griffiths8:24
31 finishers

Under 13 boys (3000m approx)
1Adam Ireland (Hillingdon)12:53
6Patrick Kyle13:10
7Roland Somogyi13:13
8Monte Watson13:17
18Alex Fitzpatrick14:04
20Oran Gallagher14:09
22Jesse Hopkins14:13
29Ezra Banks-Baddiel14:27
31Zaki Ibrahim14:30
53Lorcan Barnet16:44
60 finishers
Team positions - 3 to score (top 3 of 8)
1stHighgate Harriers21 points
2ndEaling, Southall & Middx36 points
3rdEnfield & Haringey48 points

Under 15 boys (4000m approx)
1James Young (Enf & Har)13:36
2Oliver Haddad13:43
5Austin Harris14:10
7Abel Sinko-Uribe14:25
33Ennis Barnett17:43
34 finishers
Team positions - 3 to score (top 3 of 8)
1stHighgate Harriers14 points
2ndLondon Heathside29 points
3rdEnfield & Haringey31 points

Under 17 men (6000m approx)
1Terry Fawden23:24
4Louis Griffin24:39
5Aurel Sinko-Uribe24:49
9Arun White25:38
14Dempster Fawden26:14
29Charlie Smith29:23
30Farid Sousou29:32
30 finishers
Team positions - 3 to score (top 3 of 4)
1stHighgate Harriers10 points
2ndEaling, Southall & Middx39 points
3rdLondon Heathside40 points

Under 20 men (8000m approx)
1Toby Clyde (TVH)27:37
10James Millet29:44
23 finishers
Team positions - 3 to score (top 3 of 3)
1stEaling, Southall & Middx19 points
2ndSt Marys24 points
3rdThames Valley Harriers27 points

Senior Men (12000m approx)
1Richard Phillips (Serpentine)39:46
2Chris Rainsford39:50
7Rob Wilson40:34
8Robel Bahelbi41:00
17Jonathan Laybourn41:56
18Dominic Smith41:58
22Guillaume Cribier43:14
38Victor Mound45:34
62Alex Davidson47:49
92Joseph Lowe51:07
108Emmanuel Lumineau52:39
124Steve Scruton54:09
151Nick Stockman58:32
179 finishers
Team positions - 6 to score (top 3 of 8)
1stHighgate Harriers74 points
2ndHillingdon119 points
3rdLondon Heathside120 points

Full Middlesex 2016 results          

16th January - Start Fitness Metropolitan Cross Country League

Metroplitan League - Start Fitness Logo

Horsenden Hill (Race 4 of 5)

Under 11 Boys & Girls
19Sienna Thompson (age 10)9:07
33Amy Chapman (age 9)10:05
47Tristan Lumineu (age 10)11:07
48Juliet Lumineu (age 10)11:12
49 finishers

Under 13 Boys
5 Patrick Kyle11:33
18Lucas Porter12:31
21Jack Bailey12:34
27Finlay Sleeman12:48
69 finishers
Team position 2nd
League position after race 4 - 4th of 27

Under 17 Women
16Esther Pigney16:51
17Maxine Chapman (12th U15)16:55
23Constanza Sartori (17th U15)17:38
46 finishers
Team position 5th of 16
League position after race 4 - 4th of 24

Under 17 Men
2Abel Sinko-Uribe (1st U15)13:11
8Louis Griffin13:34
15Aurel Sinko-Uribe 14:00
18Tal Pelmont14:06
20Alistair Sleeman14:11
24Adam Stewart14:24
40Raphael Rossiter 15:29
58 finishers
Match position 1st of 20
League table after race 4
(top 3 of 30)
1stHighgate Harriers1103 points
2ndHerts Phoenix1072 points
3rdTrent Park RC970 points

Senior Women
2Hannah Viner (1st U20)23:26
3Ashley Scott-Wilson23:46
7Emma Dixon24:13
8Alex Gounelas24:18
20Emma Burgess25:34
40Kate Jenrick27:06
94Lucy McGuinness29:57
176Anna Murray38:34
187 finishers
Match Position 1st of 10
League table after race 4
(Division 1 - top 3 of 10)
1stHighgate Harriers1207 points
2ndLondon Heathside 946 points
3rdSerpentine RC942 points

Senior Men
4Shaun Dixon30:06
8Ben Noad30:28
9Chris Rainsford30:33
13Peter Chambers30:48
19Robel Bahelbi31:29
21Robert Wilson31:37
32Jonny Laybourn32:27
34Dominic Smith32:36
36Victor Mound32:42
39Peter Hawkins32:52
55Ash Chambers33:57
57Edward Hickman-Casey34:01
77Laurent Liote34:43
78Jonathan Deane34:48
83Michael Dan34:58
106Peter Downie35:39
110Oliver Kean35:48
143James Johnson37:01
148Justin Bere37:09
156Alex Davidson37:24
179Joseph Lowe38:15
180Johan Ghillebert38:15
232Emmanuel Lumineau40:25
234Chris Wilson40:34
253Martin Bright41:14
267James Rossiter41:58
285Steve Scruton42:51
294Arthur Brown43:29
329Nick Stockman45:40
364Martin Black49:22
406 finishers
Match Position 1st of 10
League table after race 4
(Division 1 - top 3)
1stHighgate Harriers4595 points
2ndSerpentine RC4225 points
3rdWoodford Green/Essex Ladies 4188 points

Full Results from the Met League website

30th January - South of England Cross Country Championships
Parliament Hill Fields

Under 13 girls (3000m)
38Ava Mulvihill13:54
105Ellie Gilmore14:35
166Ellen Donald15:17
180Ella Hartley15:27
184Isabella Millet15:28
238Ella Herzog16:28
268 finishers
Team position: 23rd of 34 complete teams
Under 13 boys (3000m)
52Patrick Kyle12:56
53Monte Watson12:56
64Roland Somogyi 13:02
93Finlay Doyle13:19
130Alex Fitzpatrick13:46
131Lucas Porter13:46
135Oran Gallagher13:48
158Finlay Sleeman14:06
194Danesh Ganeshamoorthy14:40
198Lorcan Barnett 14:44
267 finishers
Team position: 9th of 30 complete teams
Under 15 girls (4000m)
18Phoebe Littler 18:33
50Sasha Fear19:24
102Maxine Chapman 20:18
132Emma Williets20:56
137Constanza di Borgoricco 21:02
244 finishers
Team position: 10th of 27 complete teams
Under 15 boys (4500m)
31Abel Sinko-Uribe17:41
100Austin Harris18:46
271T Elwes48:41
271 finishers
Under 17 women (5000m)
119Lilah Fear26:08
136Esther Pigney27:03
137Senga Russell Don27:07
170 finishers
Under 17 Men (6000m)
20Terry Fawden 21:42
65Aurel Sinko-Uribe22:53
121Oliver Kemp 24:37
152Farid Sousou 25:53
153Chris Smith 26:03
173 finishers
Team position: 9th of 16 complete teams
Under 20 women (6000m)
5Hannah Viner23:24
16Georgia Fear24:45
85 finishers
Under 20 Men (8000m)
59James Millett32:00
67Andres Chau32:23
82Andrew Collins 33:47
94 finishers
Senior Women (8000m)
2Svenja Abel 30:43
33Ashley Scott-Wilson33:21
69Emma Burgess 35:09
95Sophie Sheldrake36:05
253Natasha Cendrowicz41:00
475Kirat Nandra54:56
501 finishers
Team position: 5th of 53 complete teams
Senior Men (15000m)
5Shaun Dixon50:25
8Andy Maud50:47
17Chris Rainsford51:55
30Ben Noad53:12
42Robel Bahelbi53:46
60Rob Wilson54:38
93Peter Hawkins 56:04
94Victor Mound 56:07
107Jonny Laybourn56:49
108Dominic Smith56:51
137Brahma Pochee 57:31
156Guillaume Cribier 58:15
205Tom Wilner-Reid59:31
215Laurent Liote 59:52
222Daryl Davison 60:10
247Duncan Burbidge 60:39
250Oliver Kean60:51
252Michael Dan60:53
271Peter Downie 61:20
288James Johnson 61:55
318Rob Walker62:45
319Ed Spencer62:46
371William De Doncker63:51
390Jack Matthewman64:31
396Patrick Davis64:34
443Alex Davisdon65:35
448Chris Beecham65:46
592D Russell69:34
605Emmanuel Lumineau69:49
681James Rossiter71:39
812Martin Bright75:55
836D Devecchio76:57
1026 finishers
Team positions (6 to score)
1 Highgate Harriers 162 points
2 Serpentine RC 186 points
3 Bedford & County 206 points
70 teams finished

Full Results from the SEAA website      Photos from Parliament Hill Fields (by Thomas Wallenda)

February 2016

13th February - Start Fitness Metropolitan Cross Country League

Metroplitan League - Start Fitness Logo

Alexandra Palace (Race 5 of 5)

Under 13 Boys
5 Patrick Kyle13:37
11Monte Watson14:09
12Theo Machin-Paley14:12
17Lucas Porter14:33
38Manny Pigney16:29
52 finishers
Team position 2nd
Final League position after race 5 - 3rd of 28

Under 13 Girls
23Florence Haddad16:33
24Eliza Herzog16:36
38 finishers
Team position 11th
Final League position after race 5 - 10th of 19

Under 17 Women
2Sasha Fear (1st U15)18:14
9Emma Williets (5th U15)18:45
12Esther Pigney19:04
38 finishers
Team position 2nd of 15
Final League position after race 5 - 3rd of 25

Under 17 Men
1Terry Fawden15:16
5Oliver Haddad (3rd U15)16:04
10Alistair Sleeman16:42
13Dempster Fawden17:01
17Oliver Kemp17:23
39Alfie Zak (24th U15)19:17
48 finishers
Match position 1st of 20
Final League table after race 5
(top 3 of 31)
1stHighgate Harriers1268 points
2ndHerts Phoenix1210 points
3rdTrent Park RC1076 points

Senior Women
1Svenja Abel20:45
3Hannah Viner (1st U20)21:37
5Emma Dixon22:02
6Ashley Scott-Wilson22:08
10Alex Gounelas22:47
20Emma Burgess23:40
25Sophie Sheldrake23:56
57Lucy McGuinness26:29
72Natasha Cendrowicz27:40
128Kirat Nandra34:49
137 finishers
Match Position 1st of 10
Final League table after race 5
(Division 1 - top 3 of 10)
1stHighgate Harriers1469 points
2ndLondon Heathside 1154 points
3rdSerpentine RC1109 points

Senior Men
2Shaun Dixon27:38
3Peter Chambers27:49
11Chris Rainsford28:21
16Robert Wilson28:56
18Robel Bahelbi29:08
33Jonny Laybourn30:04
37Guillaume Cribier30:25
38Dominic Smith30:28
51Darryl Davison31:06
53Ash Chambers31:15
56Tom Christopher31:23
69Edward Hickman-Casey31:46
74Michael Ussher31:50
78Laurent Liote32:02
82Jonathan Deane32:18
83Oliver Kean32:22
85Duncan Burbidge32:24
86Rob Walker32:24
93Brendon Donnelly32:44
98Peter Downie32:54
123James Johnson33:54
125Alex Davidson34:05
126Joseph Lowe34:06
147Andrew Collins34:57
165Chris Bailey35:38
190David Gilbert36:35
196Arthur Brown36:57
238Chris Wilson38:49
241James Rossiter38:56
356 finishers
Match Position 1st of 10
Final League table after race 5
(Division 1 - top 3)
1stHighgate Harriers5583 points
2ndWoodford Green/Essex Ladies 5099 points
3rdSerpentine RC4692 points

Howard Williams Trophy
Men and Women
(top 3 of 22 clubs)
1stHighgate Harriers42 points
2ndLondon Heathside 38 points
2ndSerpentine RC38 points

Full Results from the Met League website

27th February - English National Cross Country Championships
Donington Park

Under 13 girls (3K)
1 Nicole Ainsworth (Portsmouth) 13:53
46Ava Mulvihill14:58
449 finishers
Under 13 boys (3K)
1 Tommy Dawson (Leeds City) 12:19
268Finlay Sleeman15:30
420 finishers
Under 15 girls (4K)
1 Josie Czura (Portsmouth) 16:05
106Emma Williets18:41
219Maxine Chapman20:00
354 finishers
Under 17 men (6K)
1 Isaac Akers (Corby AC) 19:28
52Terrence Fawden21:20
120Alistair Sleeman22:47
155Dempster Fawden23:23
182Oliver Kemp23:46
200Tal Pelmont24:22
209Adam Stewart24:42
227Raphael Rossiter25:59
243 finishers
Team position 16th of 22 teams
Junior women (6K)
1 Harriet Knowles-Jones (Warrington) 21:21
11Georgia Fear23:00
17Hannah Viner23:18
129 finishers
Senior Women (8K)
1 Lillian Partridge (AFD) 30:35
9 Svenja Abel 31:22
137 Emma Burgess 36:22
363 Natasha Cendrowicz 41:56
739 finishers
Senior Men (12K)
1 Jonathan Hay (AFD) 42:09
4 Andy Maud 42:55
46 Peter Chambers 45:14
54 Chris Rainsford 45:21
56 Danny Russell 45:25
57 Murray Strain 45:27
119 Shaun Dixon 47:02
127 Robert Wilson 47:11
196 Peter Hawkings 48:41
206 Jonathan Laybourn 48:48
237 Dominic Smith 49:24
268 Robel Bahelbi 49:59
316 Tom Christopher 50:36
394 Laurent Liote 51:56
404 Peter Downie 52:04
840 Emmanuel Lumineau 57:58
1175 James Rossiter 62:58
1430 Gregory O'Toole 67:57
1730 finishers
Team positions (6 to score)
1 Morpeth Harriers 130 points
2 Notts AC 307 points
3 Sale Harriers 326 points
4 Highgate Harriers 336 points
5 Leeds City AC 431 points
123 teams completed

Full results on the ECCA website                


March 2016

20th March - South of England Road Relay Championships
Cyclopark, Gravesend

Men (12 stage)

'A' team
Leg 1 (L)Robel Bahelbi (9th)20:05
Leg 2 (S)Jonny Laybourn (9th)13:41
Leg 3 (L)Peter Chambers (3rd)19:28
Leg 4 (S)Brahma Pochee (3rd)13:33
Leg 5 (L)Robert Wilson (3rd)20:18
Leg 6 (S)Ed Hickmancasey (3rd)13:42
Leg 7 (L)Andy Maud (3rd)18:46
Leg 8 (S)Peter Hawkings (2nd)13:30
Leg 9 (L)Chris Rainsford (2nd)19:33
Leg 10 (S)Dominic Smith (2nd)13:27
Leg 11 (L)Ben Noad (2nd)20:52
Leg 12 (S)Peter Downie (3rd)14:10
Long leg = 7.2km / Short leg = 4.8km
'B' team
Leg 1 (L)Michael Ussher (31st)22:40
Leg 2 (S)Joseph Lowe (31st)14:57
Leg 3 (L)Andrea Spaccatro (32nd)23:37
Leg 4 (S)Michael Dan (28th)14:03
Leg 5 (L)Oliver Kean (26th)21:25
Leg 6 (S)Martin Bright (27th)16:25
Leg 7 (L)Alex Davidson (29th)23:05
Leg 8 (S)John O'Shea (29th)17:35
Leg 9 (L)David Gilbert (29th)24:17
Leg 10 (S)A Machin-Paley(29th)14:27
Leg 11 (L)Jonathan Deane (29th)22:45
Leg 12 (S)Tom Christopher (28th)14:39
Long leg = 7.2km / Short leg = 4.8km

Team Positions

1Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers3:19:30
2Aldershot, Farnham & District3:19:44
3Highgate Harriers3:21:05
27Highgate Harriers 'B'3:49:55
34 teams finished

Full Men's Results

Women (6 stage)

'A' team
Leg 1 (S)Georgia Fear (3rd)15:00
Leg 2 (L)Svenja Abel (1st)22:02
Leg 3 (S)Sophie Sheldrake (1st)15:26
Leg 4 (L)Hannah Viner (1st)22:42
Leg 5 (S)Emma Burgess (1st)16:34
Leg 6 (S)Ashley Scott-Wilson (1st)14:53
Long leg = 7.2km / Short leg = 4.8km
Incomplete 'B' team
Leg 1 (S)Natasha Cendrowicz 35th)19:35

Team Positions

1Highgate Harriers1:46:37
2Cambridge & Coleridge1:48:00
3Aldershot, Farnham & District1:49:34
33 teams finished

Full Women's Results