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8th Jul, 2022, Alastair Aitken

On the 29th of June at the ‘Nuneaton Night of 200m PB’s’, Johnathan Bull ran his personal best 200m of 22.35. Alex Bampton, one of Highgate's best road and cross country team men, won the Sri-Chimnoy 3 MMT in 16:50 at Oxford, on the 27th of June. He was also 9th in the Swansea Half marathon on the 12th of June in a personal best time of 68:27. 

Some remarkable running has been undertaken by Highgate 'stalwart' Alex Davidson, who has been the first ‘over 60’ in a dozen or so races this year. He ran 18.23 for 5k at Battersea on the 28th of June. A fairly new runner with Highgate Harriers, Christopher Hicks, did a personal best 5k at the same event as Davidson with a time of 15.28; a future prospect with the club.