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3rd Jan, 2022, Anonymous


The Club would like to thank Deborah and Adrian Laing who, along with other members of their family, have kept this great traditional race going. Long may it continue!

• The rain had brought areas of North London to a halt with road floods. So the start of the race was a little later than usual at 11.15.

• The torrential rain had left the Heath waterlogged and meant that the race started on the footpath. The course continued past the ladies swimming ponds and across the two fields near Kenwood to the Mile Gate - sinking into deep mud and puddles all the way home to the finish line anext to Parliament Hill track.

• First place was won by Thomas Chadwick in a time of 21.19. who is the winner of the Bottomist Trophy for 2021.

• Thomas Chadwick and Peter Laing valiantly battled it out for first place for most of the race – with Thomas Chadwick pushing ahead at the final stage. Peter Laing came second in a time of 21.22.

• The race results in full are as follows:

1. Thomas Chadwick 21.19
2. Peter Laing 21.22
3. Daniel Hickson 22.21
4. Alex Chadwick 23.44
5. Chris Giles 23.58
6. Bea Chadwick 24.03
7. Nick Roden 24.31 8.
Kate Chadwick 24.58
9. Alex Driscoll 26.47
10. Andy Hickson 26.48
11. Jem Hickson 26.49
12. Mick Jefferies 28.15
13. Nick Kaufmann 30.04
14. Kate Driscoll 30.10
15. Hannah Giles 30.10
16. Jessica Parry 30.10
17. Andi Shah 30.13
18. Adrian Laing 30.17
19. Deborah Laing 34.04

• Special thanks go to a number of people who helped with the race:
Graham Norris and Sinead Peak for co-ordinating the supply of all the equipment needed and access to the club room.
Peter Laing for helping with set up and announcing the results on the day.
Our two wonderful volunteers who recorded times and results – Katie Roden and Zorika Adams.
As well as a kind grandparent who rang the starters bell.
Thanks also to the City of London and the Hampstead Heath keepers – as the track was open for use of the facilities.
• It was great to take part in this wonderful tradition for another year and hope to see many more of you next year.
• Wishing you all the best for 2022.