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27th Sep, 2020, Highgate Harriers

We are very pleased to announce that Highgate Harriers has been granted full charitable status. Particular thanks go to Sean Renfer for his time and expertise on achieving this and also to Ollie Kean and Joseph Lowe, our Treasurer, as they have been consistently helping to move the project along.

There is one final step in the process. At the last AGM, members approved amendments to the Club Constitution to support the application to the Charities Commission. During the application process, the Charities Commission required some further changes. These need to be formally ratified by the club.

We are proposing to hold an online EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) with the constitution amendments being the single agenda item. If any club member would like to be part of this process, please email:

Kate will be able to provide you with the meeting invite and more details. Being recognised as a charity brings many benefits to the club - mainly financial but also our status will widen the opportunities the club can pursue, particularly when applying for grants. Good to feel that something has come out of lockdown!

Kate Jenrick

Secretary, Highgate Harriers