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27th Sep, 2020, Highgate Harriers

With so many events being called off, it was good to see there was a track event at Parliament Hill on the evening of Wednesday 9 September. It was the first “Highgate Harriers Middle Distance Open Meet”.

Highgate Harriers were prominent in the races. Highgate's fastest 3000m was by Roger Poolman in the final race of the night, which he won in 8:18.9. Sean Renfer, another good senior, was 2nd in 8:56.1 in the fourth 3000m race. 

Edmund Brown won of the third 1500m race in a PB of 4:34.4, 2nd was Ross Doran 4:35.3 and 3rd Jack Bailey 4:36.5. That trio were all from Highgate Harriers. The fastest 1500m of the day was by Luca Minale of Victoria Park Harriers who ran a PB of 4:03.1 to win race 4.

Highgate winners included Nick Hind in the first the 3000m race in 10:40.9, and Daniel Brewer in the third 3000m race in 9:11.8.  Race 2 of the 1500m was won in a PB by Highgate’s Patrick Jarvis in 4:46.9. It was worth noting that 57 year-old Alex Davidson ran the 3000m in 10:03.5.

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On Saturday 6 September, Niki Faulkner of Highgate Harriers, a student at Imperial College London, was out running a fast 800m at Lee Valley in the LICC meeting. He finished 5th in his race in 1:57:25. His fastest ever was last year when he did 1:54:25. It is always a good club standard to break the 2-minute barrier! 

At the same meeting, that celebrated over 70 field event exponent, Anthony Richards was the 2nd over 70 in the discus with 36.69.

13-Sep-2020     Alastair Aitken