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24th Nov, 2021, dbrewer

On a cold yet eerily sweaty AM on Saturday 20th November, 41 noble ladies and gentleman plucked their way around Hampstead Heath over 10k. The same hills, the same route we all know and love but just quite never ceases to hurt (Jonny Cash style).

We came home with silver medals, 2nd overall which is fantastic feat and signals to the rest of the country, we’re hunting the Nationals down…

Leading the charge for the men, Taha Ghafari won the race by 6 seconds in a barnstorming performance home. Peter Chambers came a bingo winning 11th, with Charlie Haywood snapping at his heels with a massive 18th. Finishing off our top 4 scorers, was Roger Poolman, coolly coming in 24th.

Face-off of the race was between Sean Renfer & Henry Murdoch, both who glided in apiece 30th & 31st respectively, with identical race times, dictating it could have been any man’s race. James Ross in 36th, Lewis Greaves in 43rd and Chris Hicks in 44th, highlight the competitiveness amongst team-mates, jostling for every place.

David Shepherd rounded off the top 50 in 49th, with this author just behind in 52nd. George Scott, John ‘Irishman’ Golfedder & Chris Rainsford followed in 58th, 65th and 74th. 75th, 79h and 80th went to Monte Watson, Danny Issacs and Andres Chau.

Sion Perry followed in 85th, Jacob Billingham 91st, Alex Holley 128th, Alex Davidson 12th, Harry Osborn 154th, Adam Lennox 163rd, Gabriel Collins 166th, Jonathan Deane 170th, Daniel Tombor 233rd, Joesph Lowe 278th, Rob Saunders 286th, David Sutherland 330rd, John O’Shea 366th, James Rossitor 377rd & rounding it all off, Richard Steward in 393rd.

This just shows the depth and breadth on display, plenty of talent and heaps of commitment.

Over the same horrible yet tantalising conditions, the ladies came in at a cracking 5th, a great achievement over an undulating 6k course.

Eileen Donald came in 18th and leading Highgate home. Kate Russell followed in 30th, Karina Thornton in 40th and finally rounding off the top 4 scorers, Emily Young in 43rd.

Completing the team finish, Mia Perry in 75th, Vicky Few in 80th, Louise Faherty in 86th, Ellen Kerr in 119th and Natasha Cendrowicz in 154th.