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21st Jun, 2020, Highgate Harriers

Roger Low, Highgate's amazing marathon man, will have to wait until 4 October to run the famous event again. 
The date of the marathon has changed from the 26 April to 4 October due to the virus rampaging around the world. That fact is not relished by Roger, who now has to go on running regularly at 77, all through the summer. 

He still intends being on the start line in October. Roger ran 2:47:53 when he was 37 in the first London in 1981 and has run the race every year since. Only one of ten runners who has done every single London ran faster than Roger in 2019. Roger ran 4:53.58. The runner to beat him was the exceptional 61-year old, Chris Finill, the Middlesex V60 cross country champion from Harrow AC, with a time of 2:59.4. Finill is quite famous for running right across America from coast to coast.

05-Apr-2020     Alastair Aitken