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12th Sep, 2021, Alastair Aitken

David Bruce, now a Doctor running for Bristol West, who was a popular middle distance and long distance runner for Highgate Harriers fifteen or so years ago, won the Bushy Parkrun on the 4th of September out of a field 1,277. His time was 17:09. Andrew Aitken, ex-Highgate, was 8th in 18:04.  Highgate Press Secretary, Alastair Aitken, despite having a CVD implanted in 2018 and in his first race since a Parkrun 11 years ago was 1,266 in 55 minutes, but had taken it easy. Being over 80 (81), he was awarded, with others, a medal for all the over 80s who completed the course. Olympic medalist Alex Yee's Grandfather Albert Yee, who was 1,273 in 1hr 7minutes. The medal was designed and donated by Yee Associates!