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15th Mar, 2022, Alastair Aitken

Highgate Harrier, James Ross, came 3rd in the Wimbledon 5k Dash, around the roads of Wimbledon on Sunday morning the 13th of March. It was out of a field of 136 finishers. Ross had won the Deal half marathon on the 20th of February and his time at Wimbledon was 15:26, not far behind the winner from Hercules, Bradley Goater, who was timed at 15:17.  The other Highgate runners were: 8th James Sudmeier, 16:11; 14, Henry Murdoch, 16:33; 21, Johnny Laybourn, 17:14; 77, Rob Saunders, 20:29 and 95, David Sutherland, 22:04.