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1st Aug, 2021, Alastair Aitken

The Highgate Harriers & Mornington Chasers composite team were sixth with a small team in their Southern League fixture at Hillingdon on 11 July. However, Alima Diabate, a good sprinter with the club who is an official who works hard to get willing people to compete in the Southern League, is hoping for a larger turnout for the penultimate fixture at Perivale on the 14th of August and Highgate are expected to do very well in the final match at Parliament Hill on the 11th of September. 

At Hillingdon there were several performers who got in the frame. Jack Levene an under 20 athlete threw the javelin out to 38.57 for 3rd place. Felicity Williamson-Sarll was 3rd in the 'A' 800m with 2:21.4 and Lisa Wenninger did 19:28.6 for  3rd in the 'A' 5000m and Sarah Funderburk got 3rd in the ‘B’ race with 19:32.8. In the high jump Jemima Lee (U17) jumped 1.45 for 3rd in the 'A' and Ashia Logie was 2nd in the 'B' with 1.40, and she is an under 17 too.  Aisha Mohammed-Mariche (U17) was 2nd throwing the javelin out to 30.32 in the 'A'.  Tyrah Joseph (U17) was 3rd in the 'B' shot with 7.97 and Sonia Martinez-Roura, besides being a coach, can compete well coming 3rd in shot 'A' with 9.65, 3rd in the 'A' hammer with 27.41, and 2nd in the javelin 'B' with 24.02.