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7th Apr, 2022, Alastair Aitken

The whole Highgate Men’s 'A' Team, that were a creditable second in the Southern 12-Stage Road Relay, have been selected for the National 12-Stage Road Relay. That was the sort of faith Ben Pochee has in the team that will compete against the best in the country at Sutton Park near Birmingham on Saturday the 9th of April. The names are Rob Wilson, Charlie Haywood, Jens Sudmeier, Robel Bahelbi, Peter Chambers, Roger Poolman, Sean Renfer, Alex Bampton, Taha Ghafari, Jacob Allen, James Ross and Alex Lepretre. “All these runners have credentials worth noting. Ghafri, having been injured, is coming back to form, and will have some strong memories of the National Six Stage in October 2021 in which Highgate finished second. Lepretre is running better than ever this year so hopes are high” said Press Secretary Alastair Aitken.

Elsewhere on the 26th of March, Danny Isaacs of Highgate Harriers did a personal best road 10k in the Shri Chimnoy 10k at Battersea. His time of 35:16 placed him 16th out of 83 runners.