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Highgate Harriers are based at
Parliament Hill athletics track
Hampstead Heath, London NW5.

The club welcomes new members of all standards and abilities from the age of seven. Club training sessions take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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Highgate Senior Men - London Cross Country Champions 2014

London Cross Country Champions 2014
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26-Jan-2015     Alastair Aitken

Jon Laybourn ran his best ever cross-country race to come 54th out of 857 finishers in he South of England cross country Championships, over hilly, Stanmer Park ,Brighton on Saturday. Highgate's leading runner, Shaun Dixon, who was a possible first three finisher, had violent stomach cramp and that was after only half the race concluded. He decided to manfully carry on, despite dropping back to 66th by the finish. That shows the type of tremendous spirit in the club currently!
The Highgate Harriers team of six were 3rd with 328 points, behind Bedford & County 150 and Belgrave Harriers 229.
The Manager of the team, Ben Pochee, who came up from Cornwall, specially to be at the event remarked “Our men’s team truly is the gift that just keeps on giving, what I witnessed today made my heart swell with pride as our medal collection ran yet deeper to new stars of the future – exciting times and roll on the National cross country championships on home soil on February the 21st”.

Of course to add to what Ben Pochee said, we will hopefully, more than likely we will be the Metropolitan League Champions at Wormwood Scrubs on the 7th of February.

On Saturday the race was won by Ben Tickner of Brighton Phoenix, for the second time. Highgate’s six scorers on Saturday were 7 Murray Strain, who came down specially from the North, to run 51:01; 26 Ben Noad (He keeps going and going at a good standard) 53:08; 54 Jonny Laybourn 54:40; 66 Shaun Dixon 55:11; 67 Rob Wilson (The Captain) 55:14 and 108 Brahma Pochee 56:51.

Esther Evans, now a W40 runner, had a particularly good run to be 28th of 253 in the Women’s race. The other Highgate Senior Women were 54 Emma Burgess 34:03; 181 Natasha Cendrowicz (W40) 40:04 and 208 Sophie Sheldrake 41:09.

Hattie Brock was another who had a good run coming 10th of 51 finishers in the Under 20 Women’s race in 24:48

Three Under 20 Men competed in he Under 20 race 63rd was Sam Willis 30:58, 95 Andrew Collins 34:51 and 105 Pierce Boyle 38:38.  108 finished the race.

In the Under 17 Boys race, Terry Fawden, ran as a first year Under 17 and did well to come in 16th, less than a minute behind the winner and out of 156 finishers. The Highgate team of four were 7th of 13 clubs and they were 16 Terry Fawden 21,31; 67 Alexander Machin-Paley 23:03; 94 Alistair Sleeman 33:49; 95 Louis Griffin 15:53; and Oliver Kemp who was 105 in 24:19 and not long after came Ram Choudhey  in 24:24.

Just one ran in the Under 17 women’s race Georgia Fear, who is also an accomplished ice dancer. She was 23rd of 146 in 19:10.

The Under 15 Boys were the 27th of 34 teams and Terry Fawden’s brother, Dempster Fawden, was 24th of 233 who completed the course. His time 15:57; 94 came Abel Sinko-Uribe in 17:01 and the other two were 180 Tal Pelmont 18:24 and 224 Pilip Bastien 20:17.

In the Girls Under 15’ 66th came Phoebe Littler, 13 years old from Highgate School ‘In year 7’. She said she did not have a good start but, was the first Highgate girl out of 233. Her time 16:11; next home for the club was Anna Willis in 16:27, a 14 year old from Musewall Hill. Sister of Highgate Harrier Sam Willis. Daisy Griffin was 108 in 16:50; 120th was Constanza di Borgoricco 16:57 and 175 Jessica Wilkinson 17.46.

Highgate were 22nd of 31 teams in Under 13 girls race and, out of the 247 finishers no Highgate girls were near the back. 53 Sasha Fear 12:11; 128 Dorothy Brock 12:58; 172 Milly Dunne 13:26; 198 Isabella Millet 13:46; 210 Tamar Pelmont 14:03.

Six Under 13 Boys ran, out of a field of 227 and they were 55 Finlay Doyle 11.18; 109 Roaland Somogyi 11.46; 183 Conleth Gallagher 12:36; 212 Lorcan Barnett 13:23 and 221 Felix Bright 14:02.

Full Results


Senior English cross country official MAUREEN SMITH and ex-President of the ECCU, handed out the medals to the Highgate Harriers men that won medals at Stanmer Park, Brighton on Saturday.
Maureen, under her maiden name of BONNANO, won the Southern Women’s cross country championships in 1958 and was AAA’s Mile Champion that year.
Maureen a dedicated Highgate Harrier, was also the second woman in the World to break 5 minutes for the Mile.
‘Not many people know that!’


12-Jan-2015     Alastair Aitken

HIGHGATE HARRIERS SENIOR MEN top the well contested Metropolitan League, after their fourth of five meetings held on Saturday at Horsenden Hill, Perivale.
Despite strong winds and some long stretches of mud, the race up the front was still fierce and two Highgate runners were soon contesting a place in the first three. The Highgate team had all their 12 scorers within the first 48 places out of the field of 389 finishers, which was quite remarkable. Olympic, European, World and Commonwealth Marathon runner, Lee Merrien of Newham & Essex Beagles, won the race over the sapping three lap course in 30:19 but not after a fight with Norwegian, Audun Nordveit, who had just recovered from illness and Shaun Dixon, who took up a lot of the running. Their times were 30.26; and 30.30.
It was good that Highgate Harriers Men’s team have now been in the frame consecutively 11 times and will go on to do even better. They have a good chance of doing well and, one may think,vwin the SOUTHERN CROSS COUNTRY SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS at Stanmer Park on the 24th of January and win the Metropolitan League on the 7th of February!
The first four teams in the league are 1 Highgate Harriers 4235, Serpentine RC 4062; Woodford Green & Essex ladies 3730 and Shaftesbury Barnet 3151.


Highgate Harriers were top of Division One out off 70 clubs in the Under 17 Means race with 197 points with Trent Park RC 2nd with 192 points but overall Trent park RC are top of the league, out of 25 club teams with 901 but not far behind, in second position come Highgate Harriers with 898 so, that should be an exciting finish at The Wormwood Scrubs next month. Highgate’s runners were 7 Aurel Sinko-Uribe 13.33; 10 Alexander Machin-Paley 13.43; 16 Ben Hatch 13.59;v18 Abel Sinko-Uribe 14.05; 24 Adam Stewart 14.24; 14.24; 31 Tal Pelmount 14.36.; (60 finished).
Also Highgate were without their ‘Star’ runner Terry Fawden, who was competing in the Knole run at Sevenoaks. He was 37th last year and improved to 14th this year in the Independent Schools race. His Highgate School boys were 7th ahead of many very famous Public Schools. 340 completed his race. Highgate Schools Girls team were 6th and contained Highgate Harriers like the Boys team.


Ashley Scott Highgate Harriers women were 2nd with 278 points on Saturday but in the League Division One they have 1030 points, with Shaftesbury Barnet ahead on 1046 so, the final one will be a ‘Cliff Hanger’ at the Scrubs.
Rachel Felton won her 4th victory out of 4 leagues for Shaftesbury Barnet but said she might not be at the last one!

Highgate’s leading runners were Hannah Viner (5th), the first Under 20 runner in the race in 23.54. There is not much doubt that if she had not had a heavy fall in the very soggy ground she would have been fighting for third spot. Others included first veteran over 40 Esther Evans in 8th place in 24.11. Then came Ashley Scott 9th in 24.11 (140 finished)

Despite Highgate, only having two under 13 girls competing still did well for the team as they are 11th out of 19 club teams in the Under 13 Girls League. On Saturday out of 37 runners that completed in 14th place in 13.56 was Milly Dunne and 16th Isabella Millett in 14.01.

One person who is down to run the Southern for Highgate Harriers at Stanmer Park, is Murray Strain who on Saturday was 2nd in a Scottish Inter-Area 8k race in Edinburgh. 55 ran and he did 27.16 for the East behind the winner David Cliffe of North East who did 27.13. (55 ran).  

David Bruce, the Oxford Doctor, who runs for Highgate Harriers won the Oxford Mail League on January the 4th. His time was 30:29 and the next runner came home in 30:57.

Full Met League Results


09-Jan-2015     Alastair Aitken

Dempster Fawden did very well to come 1st in the Under 15 Middlesex cross-country Championships at Alexandra Park, on Saturday, considering he was 5th & 6th in the previous year's Middlesex Championships. It was a great improvement in the persistent rain. Highgate Harriers won the team race with 15 points for their three scorers. Fawden 13.14; 8 Abel Sinko Uribe 14.17 and Tai Pelmont 14.27 (35 finished the race)-4,000m.

Terry Fawden, his more nationally known brother, was also a winner in commanding style in the rain, winning the Under 17 race over 6000m. His time 21.07 out of the 22 finishers and the Highgate three man team won with 22 points. The other Highgate runners were 8 Aurel Sinko Uribe 22.34; 12 Oliver Kemp 23.20; 19 Gabriel Barnet 25.25 and 20 Arnold Harrison 26.11.
Terry Fawden talked to Highgate Press Secretary Alastair Aitken after his ordeal in the rain "I lead very much from the front. It was my third Middlesex cross-country title but my first in the Under 17 category".
Did Terry consider his best run when coming 9th in the National last year "Probably but also coming 11th in the Mini Marathon which was my first London Marathon event".

Hannah VinerNorth London Cross Country Champion Hannah Viner won the Under 20 women's race. She had little difficulty in the race and, after the first hill she went ahead of her pursuers in the 5000m.
"I was about 20 metre clear when getting to the first hill climb on the first lap. It was muddy but it suited me. It felt longer, running up the hill section on the course, the opposite way that they ran it at Alexandra Park in the Met League".
Third in the race overall but 2nd Under 17 runner (15 in all) was Georgia Fear in 19:39. Of course Georgia is an international ice dancer, so splits her time between running and dancing. Hannah Ballhemeir was 8th Under 17 in 22.54.

Highgate Harriers were the victorious team in the Under 13 girls race, with 33 points, ahead of Shaftesbury Barnet 35 and TVH 37. The three scorers were 7 Sasha Fear (Georgia's sister) 14:55; 9 Emma Willet 15:09; and Molly Dunne 16:16. That race was over 3,000m.

Highgate Harriers were 4th in the Under 13 boys race out of the 7 clubs in the 3000m race. The scoring team were 6 Alex Fitzpatrick 13.15; 17 Monte Watson 14:23 and 19 Ennis Barnet 14:31.

FOR THE 10TH CONSECUTIVE TIME HIGHGATE SENIOR MEN WERE IN THE FRAME by coming 2nd in the Middlesex Senior Championships with 87 points, behind last year’s winners Hillingdon 82 and, 3rd, out of the 10 teams, with six to score were Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets with 167 points. However Highgate Harriers did not have any of their 8 top runners because, it was not considered a ‘Beacon Race’. However, they did very well indeed, packing their six men in the first 24 places out of 154 finishers. Another thing was the Highgate man that came 5th in the race was Sean Renfer, who was running as a ‘Highgate guest not scoring in the team’ but will be eligible for the ‘National’ cross-country in March at Parliament Hill Fields. That will strengthen the, already strong team. Renfer’s time on Saturday was 40:55. The Highgate scorers were 6 Jonny Laybourn 41:09; 7 Rob Wilson (The Captain) 41:31; 9 Fergal Smithwick 41:45; 19 John Deane 43:21; 22 Tom Christopher 44:07; and 24 Peter Downie 44.23. The winner was Mohamud Aadan of Thames Valley Harriers in 39:29 and after a two month training spell in Kenya.

In the Women’s race won by Kate Brown of St Mary’s in 30:47, the race for second place was by two Highgate Harriers Ashley Scott, having her best performance for a long time in 31:10 with Hattie Brock 3rd in 31:13 but Hattie, had not been entered in the Under 20 race so, she was running as a guest in a race that was over 2 kilometres further than she had ever run before. Scott was pleased with her run and, the team came 3rd with 64 points behind Thames Valley Harriers who got 47 points with London Hearthside second with 64, However, Scott and Brock were ahead of all three TVH runners who were in the winning team. 70 completed the race. The rest of the team for Highgate, running over the 8,000m course were 9 Emma Burgess 32:32;  25 Sophie Sheldrake 36:00 and 28 Louise Faherty in 36.09.

Highgate Harriers Under 15 girls also had 3rd team out of 7 in their race over 4,000m with 51 points. The runners were 8 Anna Willis 15:55; 17 Contnsza De Borgoricco 16:27 and  27 Daisy  Griffin 17:42.

Full Results


03-Jan-2015     Dave Burrows

Terry FawdenHighgate's young athletes led the way at the Middlesex Cross Country Championships held at Alexandra Park yesterday (Saturday) with individual gold medals for Dempster Fawden and Terry Fawden.
Dempster led the U15 boys to team gold, while Terry led the U17 men to team honours.
In the Under 13 girls race, Sasha Fear finished in 7th place to lead the girls to team victory.

Hannah Viner was also an individual winner in the Under 20 women's race.

Full results
Terry Fawden
(Photo courtesy of Dieter Perry)

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