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Role Description & Contact
Field Judge

Technical official delivering Field events as part of a team. Field events include long Jump, high jump, pole vault, triple jump, javelin throw, hammer throw, discus throw and shot put. Opportunity to progress to Level 1 or above UKA accreditation. 

Contact Jen Hickson/Martin Black:

Track Judge

Technical official delivering Track events as part of a team. Track events include sprints and middle distance up to 10,000m, hurdle races, steeple chase and relays.  Opportunity to progress to Level 1 or above UKA accreditation. 

Contact Jen Hickson/Martin Black:

Time Keeper

Technical official timing athletes in track races using a stopwatch. Opportunity to progress to Level 1 or above UKA accreditation.

Contact Jen Hickson/Martin Black:

Track & Field Helper

Non-technical official supporting track or field judges to deliver events. No prior experience needed. Duties may involve positioning and retrieving equipment immediately prior to and during events, such as throwing implements, height bars, hurdles, helping the technical officials to measure distances thrown and heights jumped, and raking the long jump sand bed.  You will be fully briefed before each event and supervised throughout by an experienced official.

Contact Jen Hickson/Martin Black:

Event Manager

A key role to deliver high quality events at Parliament Hill. Before the event, liaising with the committee and others as needed to ensure necessary bookings are made, refreshments ordered and that we have enough volunteers. On the day, liaising with the track and field referees, ground staff and volunteers to ensure the even runs smoothly.

Contact Graham Norris:

Results Manager

Processing and uploading results during our home events, via lap-top.

Contact: Graham Norris:

Membership Discount for Officiating:

Club members, or parents of young club members, may take advantage of a discount being offered on your or your young person’s subscription for the following year. This is open to people aged 16 or over.

By officiating as a Track or Field Judge, or a Track & Field Helper, as part of the Highgate Officials team, at 3 full meetings from the list below including at least one away meeting, you qualify for a 50% discount on your (or your young person’s) subscription for the following year.  For 5 full meetings including at least 3 away meetings, you qualify for a free subscription for you or your young person the following year.

  • Highgate Open Meetings
  • Middlesex Young Athletes League Meetings, Home or Away
  • Southern Athletics League Meetings, Home or Away

The process will be managed by Jen Hickson  Participants will need to put their name forward before the event to check the availability of roles and sign in on the Officials’ Signing In Sheet at both home and away matches.

Learning for Accreditation:

UKA Officials courses are generally held early season.  You will need to attend a F2F or virtual officials learning course, and the Health & Safety course, as part of your Level 1 accreditation.  However, you can begin to officiate before you take any of the courses.   

A full list of courses is available at

Resources including role descriptions for technical officials are available at