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26th Sep, 2022, Alastair Aitken

In reference to my article dated September 5th titled 'A Miss is as Good as a Mile!'

After a closer look by the scrutineers at the results of the Division 3 North London Final Table of the Southern Athletics League, it was decided that the Highgate & Mornington Chasers composite team were top at the conclusion of the season, and Serpentine Running Club came second. The full result now reads Highgate & Mornington Chasers 970 match points (21 League points) and Serpentine 969 match points (also 21 League points). The other clubs stay in the same positions. Third is Enfield & Haringey, fourth, Ilford AC, fifth, Newham & Essex Beagles and sixth, Orion Harriers.