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26th Aug, 2023, Alastair Aitken

Under 13 year old, Arthur Shaw, continues to blaze a trail. He won the  England Under 15 high jump in Sports City with a leap of 1'59 and that was by no means his only personal best performance at the meeting. Coached by Sonia Martinez Roura, he did a personal best in the 100m with 13.37; 400m in 59.47 and the 1000m in 3:13.33;and threw the '25lb discus 19'53' (On the 5/6 of August).  Like those other events mentioned as personal best performances for Arthur, he he also ran an 80m hurdles in 13:57. 

A senior, Terry Fawden, once with Highgate School but now at Cambridge University, continues to perform well, even though outside his personal best, he came 9th of 16 r.unners in the National League 'B' 1500 at Birmingham, on the 5th of August, in a time of 4:05.25.