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26th Aug, 2023, Alastair Aitken

Tony Richards,  who turned 70 last year, is a Highgate Harrier who continues well in the sport.

His recent efforts included a 4k hammer throw of 30.87 metres; and a shot put of 11.86. Those were done at the  Cambridge Harriers Night of of Track & Field athletics, at Eltham, on the 16th of August. 

Yasmin Goater, shows she is not ony a good road and counry runner but handy at middle distance running on the track. On the 2nd of August Yasmin ran 4:45.05 for 1500 in the BMC Regional meeting at Wormwood Scrubs and on the on the 16th of August  ran 4:45.25 at Eltham, also in a BMC race., Her best ever time was 4:30.17 in 2021.,