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23rd Sep, 2023, Alastair Aitken

Recently in the London 'Big Half Marathon' 4 or 5 of the top Highgate clubmen were in action.  Alex Bampton, has been busy in different parts of the country with success and, was only 3 seconds outside his best road 5k time .when running 14:46 in 14th place in the' Highest standard race, which included several international runners, at Battersea on  the 15th of September. The event was called, 'The Friday Night 5k' in Battersea Park. His time 14:46 and a new Highgate name Charles Cooper was in the same race and did a personal best 5k of 14:59. In the first race of the evening Highgate Harrier John Gilfedeer ran 15:21 and was 2nd out of 60 runners in his race. Jemima Renfer was supporting the Highgate's women's section, running 18:07 not far off her best time.