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30th Sep, 2023, Alastair Aitken

A team of Felix Kent, Alex Mulvihill; & Thomas Chadwick, were the Highgate Harriers Under 17 men's team that finished 5th of 60 club teams, in the Southern 'Under 17' road Reay Championships three stage race, at Aldershot on the 23rd of September. At the same venue, the same afternoon, Highgate Harriers Men's 'A' team came 4th of over 100 club teams in the South of England senior six stage road relay race and, finished ahead of several 'Big' hitters like Tonbridge, Hercules, and Belgrave. However Shaftesbury Barnet turned out an 'International class' team to win on the day in 1:47.22  but Highgate were still ahead of at least 100 club teams and can consider their chances of going for medals at the National six stage on the 7th of October, at Sutton Park, as very good.

At Aldershot Highgate's fastest man Jacob Allen flew round the first stage in the Arena at Aldershot and, did the club's fastest time to come in first; but, although that could not be maintained Highgate still came in well in a total time of 1:49.51. Shaftesbury' were timed at 1:47:22.. Highgate still showed tremendous depth as their 'B; team came 28th and like the 'A' look good for a another ' Met League victory at Woodford next month. The times for Highgate's A' team at Aldershot in 'Stage' order. Jacob Allen 17:22;Rob Wilson18:40; Robert Brown 18:26; Roger Poolman 18:35;Alex Bampton18:13; and Terry Fawden18:32.