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28th Feb, 2024, Alastair Aitken

It was on the 10th of February, this years' Final Metropolitan League races were held, for the full season and, athletes who took part from the 23 odd clubs, in recent years knew, cash prizes were awarded to the first 7 home in the senior Division races, provided they had to run in 4 of the 5 Met League races. A runner had to be judged as having the highest points in 4 or the 5 races they had to run. 

Roger Poolman was 2nd in two of the Metropolitan League races and 1st in another two. He only missed the 5th one at Trent Park, because he was getting married that very day so, he was still the top scorer with the. top prize, for the Highgate team, that won for the 11th consecutive year. Rebecca Piggott of London Heathside was the top Women's scorer for the winning London Heathside  team so, she  also obtained the top prize for the women. Sponsors of the league currently are Victoria Park Sports Medicine.