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3rd Mar, 2024, Alastair Aitken
The most important club cross-country event, for the majority of 'club' runners is 'The National' and although this year's looked like it was going to be a disaster with all the flooding, it will now take place in September this year and, it will be a 'Mouth watering opportunity' as an event for Highgate Harriers, the many times Met League Champions. The reason for that is Highgate's distance section is the strongest for a long time, if you consider we last got medals in the 'National' in 1914 and were outright winners in 1905! 
Last weekend  the Highgate Juniors showed that they are going to be a force for the future. Hannah Viner, one of Highgate's best middle distancer Runners, for at least ten years and, has been injured but hopefully coming back to form soon, reported in the Highgate Newsletter that six Highgate juniors had done Personal Best times for 5k on the road, at Battersea last weekend (Thomas Chadwick 15:25; Hans Austin 15:40; Felix-Chas Kent 15:42; Alex Mulvihill 15:51; Lauren Russell 16:55; Woody Nicol 17:25)