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5th Oct, 2023, Hannah Viner

Traditionally running events have been open to everyone but not always accessible to everyone.

The Richard Whitehead Foundation Supported Runner project offers anyone with a disability with the chance to complete any upcoming AJ Bell Great Run Series event, the 2024 London Marathon and other runners events with the support of a trained ‘support runner’, who will be on hand to guide an individual through training pre-event, on the day and post event.

The Supported Runner project needs passionate volunteers who wish to support a disabled person to complete a running event. Volunteer support runners will be offered tailored training to meet an individual’s needs might be involved in pre-race support (such as training runs or chats) as well as event day support (including getting to and from events where appropriate) and post-event (such as reflection, recovery and so on).

If you're interested in finding out more or taking part - or if you know any runners who might benefit from a support runner, you can find more details at