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9th Dec, 2023, Deborah Laing

Please join us for this fun, annual event.

  • Start time: 11:10am
  • Start venue: Meet next to Parliament Hill running track Hampstead Heath from 10:30am.
  • Course: Involves a circuit which extends to the field in front of Kenwood House via Ladies swimming ponds path and returns back through the Mile Gate to the front of Parliament Hill. You must run round the big tree at the bottom of the hill and not cut across. Wear trainers, not spikes. A course map will be posted shortly.
  • Donation: Every runner is asked to bring a donation of any small gift you want - the wider choice the better. It can be a book, socks, mug, wine, chocolates—whatever you want. Any prizes left over are donated to the City of London keepers.
  • Prizes: At the end, we read out all the times, and each person takes a prize in order of their time, with the fastest first.
  • Participation: You will not be last, so however slow you may think you will be, please come along and join in. You do not have to be a club member.
  • Children: Children are welcome but must be capable of running the distance. Any child under 11 must keep with their nominated adult at all times.
  • No Dogs: No dogs are allowed with runners.
  • Risk and Liability: You take part at your own risk and liability. You must accept that there are no officials, marshalls, or course markings.
  • Courtesy: Take care not to cause any issues with other people walking on the Heath, particularly those with children or prams.
  • Track and Facilities: It is likely that the track will be open, but it cannot be certain. The cafe on the Heath is usually open.
  • Timekeeping: We will need 4 people to record the times and write them down on a sheet. If you are not running and could help out with this, then please let me know on the day. Perhaps your grandparents would like this role? No experience required. No technology, just a stopwatch and paper and pen.
  • Event Origin: This is a very happy and joyful annual event that was started many years ago by my late father, Edward Fosbrook, and his friends at Highgate Harriers. I am glad to say that many more people have joined us over the years, and we look forward to meeting up with you again and having another great race.
  • Weather: Regardless of the weather, this event will go ahead and will not be cancelled. Bring water, hat, gloves, and maybe a change of clothes as we expect it to be muddy.