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20th Apr, 2024, Alastair Aitken
UCCL student, Harvey Weinberger, ran his fastest 1500 at Watford in the Open Meeting on the 3rd of April. His time was 3:56.19 and in the same race Felix Kent ran 4:11.74 and leading Highgate Junior Thomas Chadwick ran 4:01.6. Under 15 runner, Arjuna Pflug ran the fast time of 4:23.35. Senior Mattia Salvadori ran 4:12.53 at Watford for 1500. 
It was good to see  Monte Watson's Father, Mark Watson, also in action by running 21.00 for 5k in the Vets AC road race, at Battersea and another senior man who is an official in the club Martin Black did 24.07 and regular team racer, an over 45, Louise Faherty went round in 20.36. That was all on the on the 2nd of April.