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22nd May, 2024, Alastair Aitken

The thrilling, Women’s 10K Olympic Trial race, in the warm Summer night air, in the Highgate Harriers Night of the 10,000 PB’s, at Parliament Hill Fields track, on the 18th of May, 2024. Megan Keith won the 10,000 in a time of 31:03.02. At half way she was part of a select group ahead, but came away from Fiona O’Keefe (USA , 31:03.46) , down the finishing straight to win well. Fiona O’Keefee (USA) 2nd and Amanda Vesta (USA) 3rd in 31:10.52. Megan had previously made The Olympic standard time in 30:36.8 in San Juan Capisgrano, on the 16th of March and also set her personal best times for 3000 -8:48.7 & 14:43.24 for 5000 this year.

‘Q’ You come from Scotland!

‘A’ ‘I do. Inverness in the Highlands

Q You do a lot of running there. You have a very good club?

A ‘My coach says get up those hills and get strong. It is a lot of travelling to get to places like this!’

Q When did you start running ?.

A. When I was about 5 or 6 because my Dad was a very good hill runner (A prominent figure in Scottish hill running) but, I did not take it seriously. He did the 24 hour round and that sort of stuff”

Q Did he inspire you?

A. “ He inspired me and, dragged me out all the time. I am very thankful for it but that is over now.”

Q. “ When did you find you were breaking through really?

A. It has been a gradual improvement really.

“ I made my first Junior GB team when I was 17 for cross-country. It was accidentally as, I went to a British Cross Challenge and they said you have made the European cross-country Championships so, then I took it a little bit more seriously.”

Q. “ It’s an exciting sport, you must love the most?

“ Exactly. I did lots of sports when I was younger’

‘ It was the sport you felt most comfortable with! “ I rowed, skiing, orienteering, played hockey, I dabbled in competitive cooker for quite a while but, the whole time I was running and it stuck., I think the running helped with my other sports and they helped me with the running

The other people in your family who run?

“ My sister Rachelle was a very good runner, when she was a junior. My Mother likes to think she also was a help.

Megan ran for her Inverness club and at Edinburgh University .