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16th Jun, 2024, Alastair Aitken

Highgate Harriers, the Metropolitan League cross country Champions and amongst the top 3 road relay teams in the country, were out on the 8th and 9th of June, winning the Welsh Castles Race. 20 runners run  individual stages in a two day stint. The race for the 20 runners was, from Caernarfon Castle to Cardiff Castle and the first three teams in the Open race were-1 Highgate Harriers 18:49.22, 2. Pontypridd Roadents 18:52.05 and 3 Kent AC 19:24.44. 

Megan Keith of Inverness, the winner of the spectacular 'Night of PB's' recently organised at the Parliament Hill track by Ben Pochee, was 3rd in the 10,000m in the European Championships in Romein 31:04.7.

Highgate's Rebecca Johnson was impressive with a personal Best 5000m in 15:59.68 a top-class time. in the BMC & World Athletics clubs event.  In a BMC Grand Prix Terry Fawden ran 9:09.4 for the 3000m steeplechase. Another to be running well recently is Harvey Weinberger with an 800/1500 in 1:54.58/3:53.40. London Mini Marathon medalist Thomas Chadwick, ran a 3000 in 8:32,90 and another junior runner Alex Mulvihill did a 4:09.41-1500.